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When does the AC Start Blowing Hot Air and How to Fix It?

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Having an air conditioner in your home can eliminate all of your worries regarding the scorching summer heat because you can simply control the indoor temperature on a single click using an AC. In fact, air conditioners are now considered to be a basic necessity, and global warming is one of the major reasons behind this. In such a scenario, when air conditioners have become so important, it can easily be annoying for anyone if an AC suddenly starts blowing hot air into the room, and this situation leaves the user with no option other than hiring the experts of AC blowing hard Air Miami.

Coming to the point, we’ll here try to explore such situations when an air conditioner starts blowing warm air. For this, you first need to understand how an air conditioner actually controls the indoor temperature. There’s a chemical compound called the refrigerant that absorbs the indoor heat only to release it into the outside air. But when an air conditioner fails to perform this refrigeration cycle, it starts blowing warm air, and this situation can easily force anyone to call AC blowing hard Air Miami specialists.

Now, let’s take a look at those situations when an air conditioner might start blowing hot air in your room.

Insufficient Refrigerant Levels: When the refrigerant charge in an air conditioner is insufficient, it fails to conduct the heat-transfer process, which may cause many problems. So, if your AC blows warm air in your room, then it is probably due to low refrigerant levels.

Thick Dust Layer Over the Coils: Again, when any of the evaporator or condenser coils are covered with a thick dust layer, then it may also cause this problem. Explaining in simple terms, evaporator coils and condenser coils help the refrigerant to absorb and release the heat respectively, but when coils are covered with a thick dust layer, it starts obstructing the heat-transfer process, which can also be the reason why your AC blowing warm air in your room. In that case, you may call the experts to schedule a complete AC coil cleaning session.

Note: Before you contact an AC service agency, restart the thermostat and check if it resolves the problem.