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Different Types of uPVC Doors for Your Home 2024: A Complete Guide

Types of uPVC Doors for Your Home

Every home has something to say and the doors of the home stand as a forefront point which gives the impression of glimpses beyond this door. So, why not have your home’s first impression, the best one? These days if you are getting your home renovated or constructing a whole new house then for the doors– your gatekeepers, nothing can beat the durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing uPVC doors.

uPVC doors, known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride are doors made without the addition of plasticizers and, hence, are rigid. The best part of uPVC doors are its noise reduction, thermal insulation properties and low maintenance requirements. These doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match every home’s interior, so here are we to guide you. We will be discussing the types of uPVC doors that best suit your home needs. Keep reading the blog till the end and make your choice to speak your style.

Sliding Doors: Energy-Savers

Sliding doors are one among the types of uPVC doors that slide horizontally along a track leading to a sleek slide horizontal glide and a modern look in your home. These are the space savers as they don’t require swinging from attached hinges.

When to use

The smooth operation of the sliding doors makes them an apt choice for places with premium spaces just as room dividers, patios, and balconies. These doors can frequently be used due to their smooth operations.

Ideal locations: Room dividers, balconies, living rooms

Casement Doors: The Timeless Appeal

If you love the traditional doors then the casement door will work for you. These doors are hinged at the side and open outwards to provide you with a wide opening that gives you excellent ventilation that would freshen up your rooms.

When to use

Casement doors are a perfect choice when you want to introduce a modern twist to the classic appearance. These doors are considered a versatile choice and suitable for both internal and external uses.

Ideal locations: Front entrances, bedrooms and kitchens

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Slide & Fold Doors: A Versatile Choice

The slide and fold doors are also known as bi-fold doors. It contains multiple doors that fold back against each other. These doors should be your only choice if you want your indoor and outdoor spaces to connect seamlessly, creating a wide opening.

When to use

These doors are perfect to be placed in large open spaces. They are best suited for creating a connection between indoor and outdoor places.

Ideal locations: Garden, patios, living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms

French Doors: Epitome of Grace & Luxury

The French doors possess a double door design with large and wide glass panels accompanied by frame grids all through the glasses. Due to their extensive glass surface, these doors provide an ample amount of natural light to enter the rooms while providing sophistication to the room with their aesthetics.

When to use

You must install these doors at your homes when you are willing to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your place. These doors will perfectly blend with indoor and outdoor spaces due to their versatility.

Ideal locations: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms

Lift and Slide Doors: Space Enhancing

Lift and slide doors operate on a unique mechanism which mainly includes lifting the door panel from the tracker and sliding it effortlessly to open and close these doors in particular. These lift and slide doors are equipped with advanced locking systems enhancing the security of the homes.

When to use

The lift and slide doors are a perfect fit for large openings to have a panoramic view and their advanced locking systems make them apt to install for security reasons.

Ideal locations: Living rooms, luxurious homes, high-rise apartments, verandas, pool decks, conservatories

Customized Doors: Uniquely Yours

Customized doors are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the customers including the functional requirements and aesthetic needs to add the flair of style into your homes. You can choose everything from material, color, glass, and finish which will be crafted exactly to match your unique taste.

When to use

As these doors are customized, you can install them wherever you are willing to, the place for which you have customized them.

Ideal locations: Architectural spaces, high-end residences

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By coming to the end of this blog, we are sure that you have the perfect idea of which doors would be suitable for your sweet palace. Starting from sliding doors which are energy savers to the epitome of luxury and grace, the french doors we have covered different types of PVC doors that could fit your needs. If none of those given types of uPVC doors you find suitable, then we have shown you the path of customized doors that will be custom-fitted to all your needs from size, style, color, material, and finishing.

GreenFortune is one such website that provides you with all these different types of PVC doors while giving you the best of quality with a 10-year warranty. You can check GreenFortune’s Fair price estimator, which will give you the exact amount of your selected preferences. Make the right choice now and add the charm of modernity to your home.

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