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Portable Wiggle Seats: An Essential Tool for Occupational Therapy

Helpful Devices

Check out our devices that make daily living easier, such as our wireless attendant call buttons that can be activated by a switch to gain the attention of caregivers. Made for people with limited to no hand function.

Portable Wiggle Seat

Kids can be relaxed and stay on task in all of their classes as the built in carry handle allows the wiggle seat sensory cushion to be taken anywhere. Keeps kids stimulated when sitting on chairs, benches, or directly on the floor working from home, in the classroom, or anywhere in between. A great choice for individuals with ADHD, Autism, sensory integration needs, and more.

Quiet Calming and Concentration Booster

Students silently move giving them an outlet for excess energy while working increasing their ability to focus.

Tactile Sensory Integration Aid

Flexible nubs on one side and smaller bumps on the other provide a sensory seat cushion for kids and offer tactile stimulation to help reduce stress.

Perfect Size for Growing Kids

13”/33cm diameter is a great fit for a kid’s seating while being large enough to grow as the child does.

Easy to Use and Adjust to the Right Firmness

Ergonomic, latex-free portable seat cushion disc comes with Easy-Inflation Pump for simple and precise firmness adjustments.


Toys listed in the Cause Effect Category are selected because they best facilitate the teaching of basic cause-effect. Cause-Effect is an early language concept where and individuals learns that if they do something, there will be a direct result. Such as, if I press a button, a toy will play. When I stop pressing the button, the toy will stop. Toys that continue to play after a switch is released are not suited for teaching this concept, but are engaging and fun once an individual understands Cause-Effect concept. Cause-Effect is a precursor to language development. Cause-Effect language is important because it allows a person to effectively communicate causative relationships between events.

We have several people who help keep our company running, including a retired Air Force veteran who adapts our devices and the mom of a child with disabilities who provides friendly customer support. Everything we do is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by creating affordable independence and learning through adapted toys, switches, and specialty devices. It is simply our passion. At our Sand Springs, OK facility we adapt nearly all our products by hand when you place your order. We believe in 'going green', which is why we frequently recycle our shipping boxes. Although the box might be worthy of our "ugly sticker", the goodies inside are carefully packed just for you. And our products come with our 30-day happiness guarantee.

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