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Fire Safety Tips For Home

We work, sleep and do a lot many activities inside our home. Besides that, we store our valuable items that include property documents, bank documents, official joining letters, educational certificates, and others. What if, your home caught fire and lots of valuable lost? What if, someone from your family gets injured or loses his or her life in the fire? Scary! But there are some ways to make it safer. Materials like aluminum composite cladding are more fire-resistant as compared to wood. Here are some steps to follow to secure your home from fire.

1. Install smoke detectors or different advanced devices: - Motion detectors help you in notifying the family members well before the fire caught hold of all home. Make sure that you install smoke detectors at the prominent places so that it makes a sound to warn you when getting unexpected smoke. Test smoke detectors every month through the mock drill. A room where wooden materials are used in the majority as compared to the aluminum composite panel is more prone to fire. Install more smoke detectors in that room. If your budget allows, go for smoke sensors that are a more advanced version of smoke detectors. Smoke sensors sense some little smoke too thus helps you to a great extent.

2. Check your appliances: - Electrical panels and different electrical appliances are some of the major reasons for fire all over the world. Make sure that you use good quality wiring, switches, electrical board, and electrical appliances like television, refrigerator, washing machine, etc in your home. Once you get some sort of spark or defect in an electrical line, must contact a safety inspection company to inspect your home because of safety. The kitchen area is very prone to fire due to heat, gas, or different mode of energy used in making food. Make sure to have a proper ventilation system in your home. Keep the fire extinguisher in proper order in your kitchen area. At the same time, spread awareness among your family members to use the oven, stove, or any other hot items carefully in the kitchen area.

3. Follow some safety rules: - Safety rules help in preventing fire. Follow these points like

  • Do not leave any unmanageable wire inside your home.
  • Keep all the switches and electrical boards from the reach of children.
  • Never leave surge marks in wire and damaged cords.
  • Furniture or any other materials that are more fire-prone, keep them away from electrical lines.
  • Do not use an extension board without applying your mind. Overcrowding the socket of the extension board is very dangerous. Overuse or overload is a prominent reason for the fire in the home.

4. Spread awareness about safe habits: -Along with safety rules, safety habits are also important. Points like careful handling of candles, no smoking inside the home, bedroom door closing when not in use, or installing aluminum composite panel are some safety habits for fire prevention.

5. Fire drill: - precaution is better than cure. Just like we take so many steps to keep up healthy and fit, a fire drill is a way to get an idea about how to be safe at the time of the fire. Make sure to have a fire drill every three months. Mark assembles area outside the home. Use a marker to indicate the exit doors if your home is big. Paste pamphlets like not to use the lift at the time of the fire.

Conclusions: - Follow these tips and save you and your belonging from the unexpected fire inside your home.