Abdul Maaz
Abdul Maaz
Abdul Maaz is well-organized and professional travel Agent for Hajj and Umrah. He is well experienced and skilled in consultancy about Hajj and Umrah Packages.
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Tawaf and its rules

Tawaf is one of the main rites of Hajj and Umrah. Completing seven rounds around the Kabah (House of Allah) is called Tawaf. Kabah is also called as Qibla of Muslims because Muslims from all the parts of world turn their faces towards it while offering prayers (the most important and compulsory religious activity) five times a day. It has much importance in the lives of Muslims. It was built by the Prophet Ibrahim when Allah ordered him to build a place for worship.

Thousands of Muslims perform Tawaf around this Kabah. It is supposed to be in the center of earth. It is the holy place for Muslims to perform holy worships like Hajj and Umrah. Umrah Experts offers cheap Umrah packages London that can be easily afforded by Muslims and like many other agencies it helps to perform these worships. These two worships are sacred and are performed in Makkah. As Makkah is in the center of world in the same way Kabah is present in the center of Makkah. Tawaf of Kabah is the most important rite of Hajj and Umrah and without it Hajj or Umrah is incomplete.

Rules of Tawaf:

Muslims should follow the rules of Tawaf because it is of great importance and is sacred. It is also said this place is part of Jannah. Following are the rules for Tawaf every pilgrim should keep in mind:

  1. A pilgrim should wear Ihram to make Tawaf of Kabah.
  2. Ablution is also must for Tawaf because ablution makes a Muslim pure.
  3. No any worship is performed without intention. Therefore, a pilgrim should intend for the Ihram first.
  4. There is a line of Black Stone. That is the starting point of Tawaf. Holy Prophet started his Tawaf around Kabah from the line of Black Stone.
  5. First Muslims should kiss the Black Stone as it was done by the Prophet of Allah.
  6. After kissing the Black Stone one should start the Tawaf of Kabah so that others may easily kiss it start their journey.
  7. Most of the people wait for kissing the Black Stone while standing on the Black Stone line. It causes hurdle for others. Muslims should take care of this.

Types of Tawaf:

Tawaf is of seven types. All those seven types are discussed below:

Tawaf ul Qudum:

It is that type of Ihram which is performed by those pilgrims who are there for Hajj Qiran or Hajj Ifrad. It is for those who are not living in Makkah.

Tawaf ul Ziyarah:

It is that type of Tawaf which is performed between the 10th of Dhu al Hajjah to 12th of Dhu al Hajjah. Don’t get late to perform it. It starts in the morning of 10 and ends in the evening of 12 of Dhu-al-Hajjah. After getting hair cut it should be performed.

Tawaf ul Wada:

It is performed at the end, before coming back to home when pilgrims have completed all the rights. As it is performed in the end, it is called farewell Tawaf.

Tawaf ul Umrah:

It is the type of Tawaf that is performed during the Umrah.

Tawaf ul Nadhr:

It is performed at any other time when Muslims do commitment with Allah.

Tawaf ul Tahayya:

It is not compulsory but should be performed. It adds to reward.

Tawaf ul Nafl:

It is the type of Tawaf that can be performed at any time. Niyyah is must for this. Whenever you want, you can perform this kind of Tawaf.

Abdul Maaz
Abdul Maaz is well-organized and professional travel Agent for Hajj and Umrah. He is well experienced and skilled in consultancy about Hajj and Umrah Packages.