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Abdullah Saif
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How many people applied 2022 Hajj?

Hajj is among the pillars of Islam, every pillar in Islam exhibits great importance in itself. These five pillars form the basis of Islam and can never be ignored. Hajj is also from the pillars of Islam. This is a sacred act of worship annually performed in the month of Dhul-Hajj. This holy pilgrimage takes about 5 days for its completion. We also attain extraordinary rewards in return to Hajj. Muslims from throughout the world accomplish this sacred journey via cheap Hajj packages every year.

This sacred trip is the right way to gain the closeness of Allah. Every Muslim desires to accomplish this holy journey once in their lifetime. Hajj pilgrimage is compulsory for every financially fit individual. Muslims practice this holy journey to achieve spiritual satisfaction and refreshment. Hajj pilgrimage can only be performed in the month of Dhul-Hajj. We can also not practice this holy journey twice a year. This holy journey can only be accomplished once a year in Dhul-Hajj according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

This holy journey was suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. These crises urged the Saudi Hajj ministry to dangle this holy pilgrimage. But now the coronavirus crises have been completely tackled. This is why the pilgrims are inquiring “How many people applied for Hajj in 2022”

In this fascinating post, we will try to discover the answer to this confusing question. During the covid-19 crisis, the two downsized pilgrimages occurred. In the first downsized pilgrimage, the natives of Saudi Arabia were permitted to practice this holy journey.

While in the second downsized pilgrimage, only the vaccinated pilgrims from around the world were allowed to exercise this sacred trip. But now the covid crises have completely been tackled. This sacred trip will achieve its massive rate again. Many Muslims throughout the world are applying for this holy pilgrimage again.

The Saudi Hajj ministry declared that this time the male pilgrims will make about 60% while the female makes about 40% of the total applicants. This time this holy pilgrimage will achieve its maximum number as was before. The chances of selection of fresh applicants will be more than pre-performed Hajj pilgrims.

But there are some rules that we have to consider accomplishing this holy pilgrimage. You have to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus disease. A copy of the vaccination certificate along with a recent PCR is necessary to attach along with the application form.

While the children will not be allowed to accomplish this holy journey. You can accompany them with you, but they will not be allowed to enter the Haram. Even so, they have to be vaccinated against the Covid-19. These precautions will help you to have a delightful journey.

These considerations will also increase the comforts of your journey. The grave point of this article is that the number of pilgrims will increase to the maximum. The chances of selection are also more for fresh applicants. I think all of your doubts and misunderstandings have been corrected regarding “How many people applied for Hajj in 2022”