Abdullah Saif
Abdullah Saif
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Hajj and Umrah Gift Ideas for the Pilgrimage

Hajj is a religious act of worship and mandatory as well. The Umrah is a Sunnah act of Prophet SAW. Both of these acts bring us extraordinary rewards also. Every believer wishes to gain this honor to be the guest of Allah Almighty. The accomplishment of the sacred trek in the holy city of Makkah is really a good thing to do. The pilgrims after practicing Umrah through Family Umrah Packages take back gifts for their loved ones as well.

Approximately every believer takes back gifts for their loved ones. In this intriguing post, we will suggest the best things that you should take as a gift for your loved ones. Following are the things that you must take as a special gift for your loved ones.

Zamzam water:

This is the most precious gift that you must take from the holy city of Makkah. Roughly every believer used to take this holy water to their hometown. Even the Saudi Hajj ministry has also allowed the pilgrims to do so. Zamzam water is really a precious form of water and is different from the ordinary as well. The history of Zamzam water makes it a more special and precious gift as well.

Tasbih or prayer beads:

Although the Tasbih or prayer beads are available in every country. But the prayer beads taken from the holy city of Makkah is the best gift for the loved one. Tasbih or prayer beads are used to count the supplications made.


Itar is a non-alcoholic perfume that pilgrims use during the accomplishment of Hajj and Umrah. The believers use Itar on the events like Eid and Jummatul Mubarak. There are various categories of Itar in the holy city of Makkah.


Saudi Arabia is quite famous for its high-quality dates. There are various categories of dates in both Makkah and Madinah. But the most popular, as well as the expensive date, is that our beloved Prophet SAW planted Himself. Approximately every believer takes dates as a gift for their loved ones. You should take dates as a gift for sure from the sacred land.

Prayer mats:

Prayer mats are used to make prayers in both homes and outdoors. Mostly the prayer mats are distributed from turkey to other Muslim countries. But Saudi Arabia also used to make these mats. A prayer mat from the Haram as a gift for your loved one is really a great thing to take.

Abaya and Thobes:

Abaya and Thobes is the national dress of women in Saudi Arabia. As this is the national dress for the women there. You can find that one at approximately every shop. Abaya and thobes both are the best things to give as gifts to our loved ones. You should prefer to take Abaya and Thobes as well with you as a gift.

The above-mentioned are the gifts that you must take with you to your hometown. I think all of your doubts and misconceptions are corrected regarding taking gifts for your loved ones.