ABCeramic tiles
ABCeramic tiles
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Stunning Products Launched by the Reliable Cool Roof Tiles Manufacturer

We all know that cool roof tiles have lots of benefits. It's energy efficiency feature reflects more sunlight outside the building. There is only a minimum need for air conditioners inside the house when cool roof tiles are installed. This is considered a great advantage of installing these roof tiles.

But many of them might be searching for the best place to purchase the high-quality cool roof tiles. Hence, in this article, we can see the best and most reliable place to buy the tiles: AB Ceramics and their other products.

AB Ceramics is one of the most experienced and reliable cool roof tile manufacturers in the industry. The tiles manufactured by AB Ceramics are of high quality, versatile, tested several times, certified, and affordable.

The national labs give certification to the tile products after testing them in various conditions. The AB Ceramics tiles undergo several quality tests, including an accelerated weathering test, resistance to stain, scratch hardness and salt spray test, and a design registration certificate. Through these tests, the quality of the products is ensured, and all the tiles (not even a single piece of tile is missed) meet the quality standard.

Not only tiles are manufactured, but AB Ceramics also concentrates on installation and application, R&D on innovative roof tile manufacturing, terrace waterproofing, roof repair, and roof implementation.

Below are the products of AB Ceramics that are used to decrease the heat inside the building and improve the comfort of living. Weather-proof tiles with high S.R.I.

Cool roof paint

S.R.I. weather-proof coating

and other supporting products, including ABC Nano powder, plus powder, ABC bond, mortar, and grout.

Tile replacement can also be done by these experts. For example, if the terrace tiles are damaged and require replacement, then you need not worry, as the professionals at AB Ceramics can just replace the broken tiles with new ones without affecting the infrastructure. This saves money and the efforts of the house owners.

Now it's high time to give it a try with weatherproof tiles and cool roof tiles to create a positive impact inside the house.

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