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What Is Online Recruitment and How Does It Work?

Foregoing cold calls, sifting through large numbers of CVs, and expensive recruitment fees, online recruitment has quickly become the choice for companies looking for an alternative to recruiting staff. The advent of online recruitment has seen a surge in using social media to find potential talent in today’s job market.

With the ability to reach more individuals, online or e-recruitment allows employers to use the Internet to recruit hires through job advertisements using a wide range of resources from job boards to social media networks such as Facebook and Linked-in. While the era of recruitment is still in full flow, the use of online for this method is a great cost-effective way to find the best candidates.

What E-Recruitment Strategies Can I Use?

Job portal is a great hiring tool that companies can use to post different job descriptions and job specifications. This allows potential hires to go to the direct job suitable to their skills. Having a database that lists all the right, appropriate job applicants means that time can be saved when it comes to trying to find the next employee. That said, there are both disadvantages and advantages.

As an advantage for the passive job seeker resumes can be stored indefinitely but often this is not a guarantee a company will phone you when a position becomes available. It tends to be that the most proactive job seekers are the most successful ones as they follow up on their immediate applications.

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Aayan Ali