Vit N
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The importance of “Content is King” in your SEO Texts

Since search engines primarily use SEO texts to analyze websites they are also the essence of search engine optimization.

“Content is King”, is a commonly used catchword among search engine optimizers. The idea behind it is:

– By providing Internet visitors and users with unique and worthwhile content, you achieve satisfaction and generate recommendations for your offer. –

However, you must observe a few basics to ensure that the contents are equally effective for users and search engines. The texts must be well-written and the content of the text must be adapted to suit the user – What problems or questions have prompted the user to seek help on your website, and how can your texts be of assistance to him? It goes without saying that the texts must be faultless in points relating to style, spelling and grammar. Anything else looks unprofessional and have a deterrent effect on prospective customers. The texts must also be unique. Plagiarisms are recognized by search engines and lead to a devaluation of your website in the search engine ranking. By contrast, texts that are search engine relevant and contain specific keywords have a positive effect.