Valentina Degtyareyova
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Meditation and mind stopping

There is a practice that allows you to achieve peace and be filled with strength. The practice is called 5th breath.

The point of practice is to split focus of the mind, which usually prevents us from contemplating the world and thinking. The mind is a tool for perceiving the physical world and is limited by experience. Therefore, deep cognition cannot happen by mind.

The 5th breath is suitable for those who find it difficult to meditate and pray.

Practice begins with deep breathing. We focus on each inhaling and exhaling.

The next step is to connect the right palm to the breathing process. Imagine that air enters the palm of your hand and flows along the arm toward the lungs. We monitor the two “points” of respiration: the nose and palm. After 3-5 cycles of inhalation / exhalation, we connect the left palm into the process. Now we are focusing our attention on three “points”: the nose and two palms. We try to keep them in consciousness at the same time.

We also gradually connect the right foot first, then the left foot. Whoever finds it difficult to work with five points, you can try to breathe as if with your whole body.

During practice, calmness comes in waves, each time more deeply and fully. It is important to be in silence and solitude at this time. Practice will set you to a productive day or fill you with strength after a hard day.

There is a second level of immersion in this practice that we teach at our School. But you can only go to the second level by mastering the first. I wish you success in this!

I use this practice in my treatment sessions, so that it could be easier to concentrate on sensations for patients and get in touch with their subconscious.

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