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Cars can be one of your most expensive possessions, second only to houses. It is, therefore, important to properly maintain your vehicle to ensure its optimal performance. It is crucial to keep your car healthy by performing preventative maintenance. You should check out to Auto Repair Shop in Calgary.

What is Preventative Car Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is scheduled to extend the life of a vehicle's engine and reduce the chance of it breaking down. Preventive maintenance is also known as repairs, lubrication, and adjustments. It also includes replacements and replacements. Sometimes vehicle repairs are necessary. However, regular preventative maintenance checks can save money and keep your vehicle in good condition.

What does preventative car maintenance include?

Preventive maintenance can include many things. This list needs to be completed. You can find other preventative maintenance options from your mechanic or vehicle maintenance technician.

These are some things preventive maintenance involves:

Regular Oil Exchange

An oil change is the first service any car receives straight from the manufacturer. This service is performed after your vehicle has covered approximately 500 miles. During this period, multiple parts of the engine begin to come together. Over time, tiny pieces of metal can break apart and are mixed with the engine oil. A regular oil change is necessary to remove debris and keep the engine running at its best. You can visit Auto Repair Shop in Calgary for the best oiling changing services.

Transmission Review

Your transmission is the most costly component of your vehicle in terms of repairs. Without a transmission, the engine could not transfer its power to the wheels to make them move. Regular transmission inspections are necessary to avoid transmission problems.

Battery Maintenance & Replacement

Without a battery, cars cannot start. However, batteries have a life expectancy ranging from 12 to 24 months. It is unnecessary to wait for your vehicle to stop running because of a dead battery to replace it. It is a good idea to replace your car's battery as soon as possible. Auto Repair Shop in Calgary provides the best changing or upgrading services.

Belt Changes

To run your car correctly, there are several belts that you need to use, including the fan belt, timing belt, power steering belt, and drive belt. Belts can only wear down over time and snap if taken care of. This could cause severe damage to your engine. Information about changing your belt can be found in your owner's manual or at your local auto repair shop. For example, a timing belt service is required at least every 60,000 miles. However, this will vary depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Faulty brakes are often responsible for highway accidents. It is essential to have functioning brakes. They are vital to you, your passengers, and other road users. Schedule regular brake inspections for your vehicle. It is best to check the brakes every time you do an oil change. For brake inspection, you can visit Auto Repair Shop in Calgary.

Tire Inspection and Care

After carrying the vehicle's weight for thousands of miles, tires are made from rubber. If your tires are worn, your brakes may not work correctly, and driving in wet conditions might be challenging. Rotating your tires every 3,000 miles will ensure that they last longer. Also, ensure to inflate them to the correct pressure and follow the manufacturer's recommendations when replacing them.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important for Car Maintenance?

Poor maintenance cannot only pose a risk to you and other road users, but it will also cause financial problems. As you can see, there are many types of preventative maintenance. Why is preventive care so crucial for your vehicle's health?

1. Lower Repair Costs

While preventive maintenance can be very affordable, unexpected repairs or replacements are more cost-effective. Engines and other components can fail for any reason. If you pay attention to care, you will quickly find yourself with minor problems that could escalate into major issues.

Regular preventive maintenance can be used to identify any minor problems, such as cracks or leaks. You can save the part by paying attention to these things and making the repairs.

Maintaining the engine and other components will prolong its life expectancy. This reduces the need to replace them early on. It also lowers repair costs.

2. Improve Fuel Mileage

Regular preventative maintenance will increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. You can affect your vehicle's fuel mileage if you do not change its engine oil or filter. Neglecting maintenance can accelerate engine wear.

Routine oil changes should be performed every 3,000 miles. To ensure optimal fuel economy, it is a good idea for your vehicle to have its suspension service performed every 15,000 miles.

3. Preventing Major Repairs

Neglecting to maintain your vehicle is a common cause of significant repairs. Most major repairs, such as transmission or engine failure, can be avoided by regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance like oil changes and engine fluid replacement can prolong the vehicle's life. You could stress the engine and cause it to fail if you do not change the fluids.

4. Stay Safe and Save Money

It is cheaper to replace the timing belt once every 50,000 miles than to rebuild your engine after an engine failure. A regular inspection and cleaning of your battery at every oil change can save you the embarrassment of being stranded because of a dead battery. Poorly maintained vehicles are more likely to cause accidents that can be costly and pose safety risks to other road users.

5. Avoid the future inconvenience

You paid a lot for your car and expected it to get you where you needed to go. Preventive maintenance ensures your vehicle runs smoothly and is always available when you need it.

You may experience inconveniences such as the battery dying when the vehicle is left parked for too long. You may also experience power windows locking, AC, and heat shutting off when your car is heated.

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