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Piston Market 2020 - Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2022

Piston Market Highlight

The global piston market will be driven by the rapidly developing light weighted pistons market and the increase in the number of passenger vehicles, which require the use pistons. The increase in sales of automobiles, including both two-wheelers and four wheelers, is also expected to drive the market of pistons. The increase in demand of lightweight pistons, owing to the rise in fuel prices and the disposable income of the people, is also expected to boost the growth of the global piston market. The market is challenged by the need of the manufacturers to supply high quality pistons at low cost.

In fact, the introduction of high-end bikes usually sets for the requirement of a double engine cylinder that consists of two pistons. Looking into this, now there have been increased demands for high-end automobiles which are serving the double-digit need for pistons, which is considered as yet another factor influencing the market to a greater extent.

Market Key Players

The well-known players of the global Piston market are listed as

Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co., Inc. (U.S.)

Federal-Mogul Corporation (U.S.)

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Arias Pistons Ltd (U.K.)

Ming Shun Industrial Co. Ltd (Taiwan)

MAHLE GmbH (Germany)

Rheinmetall Automotive AG (Germany)

Ross Racing Pistons (U.S.)

Shandong BinzhouBohai Piston Co., Ltd. (China), and Shriram Pistons and Rings Ltd. (India).

Segmentation of Global Piston Market

To comprehend the market’s dynamics, it has been segmented by the elements of materials, coating, and vehicle type.

In terms of materials: Aluminum and steel are the segments.

In terms of coating: Dry film lubricating, oil shedding, thermal barrier are the segments.

In concern with vehicle type: Light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and passenger cars are the segments.

Top Regional Drivers

Regionally, the global Piston Market has been studied among the main regions of APAC, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the world.

As per the study, the Asia Pacific region is notable for expanding in support of the rising number of vehicles that are being manufactured in developing nations. India and China are leading in the manufacturing number for vehicles. Apart from this, the mounting per capita income of the individuals in the region is also being causative and therefore leading to the implementation of high-end automobiles, thus resulting in growing usage of pistons. With this, too, the prevalence of key automobile manufacturers in the region is also adding to the development of the Piston Market of the Asia Pacific region.

Europe is counted to be the second-largest market for the Piston since 2016. But, the region is expected to perceive sensible growth in the near future due to high market saturation. The countries such as France, UK and Germany might lead the overall demand for this regional automotive Piston Market.

Whereas, North America is also a foremost market for the Piston in support of the surge in sales for light commercial vehicles over time.

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