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Dolores Chapple
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How to Fix Rocket Mail Login Problem

Have you ever been trying rocketmail login, but you receive an error message saying that you're not authorized to proceed? If this is true, don't worry - you are not the only one who will receive a “not authorized" error code when trying to access their account. The good thing is you can resolve this issue very easily using the instructions included in this article. Keep reading to learn how...

The first thing we are going to do would be to try and guess your username. This is not really hard to do. You merely must learn your principal e-mail address, in addition to the primary email of some other member of their household (if you have one). For instance, if you have a Gmail account, just enter your Gmail username or your primary e-mail address if you don't have one. Alternatively, you may use your FB user name, or the site of your supplier.

The next step is to add your principal e-mail and secondary usernames as username. Type both of these usernames to the text box and then hit the Enter key. The following drop down menu ought to be displayed with four options: Use the default, choose your username, change to a new password, or empty the password title. Click on the empty choice to make a default username for the account. You should also change the password you have set at the previous step.

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The next step method is to be sure that you have the appropriate password. If you've forgotten your password, you may use the Google help page to reset your password. When you have reset the password, you'll be able to proceed with the following step. On the next step, you ought to type your principal email and secondary usernames. You can use the very same procedures for choosing a password.

The last step is to input the password and username to your rocket mail account you've created. You should avoid using the same password for other accounts such as social network websites. For security purposes, you also need to change your username at this point. Click on the Change User Interface link to enter your user name. For security reasons, altering your user name is a significant step in the rocket mail sign up process. This ensures that nobody else can change your password.

Once you are done with the steps above, your rocket mail account will be opened and ready to be used. You need to log into your account to check your email and see any messages that you have received. When you're finished with your online actions, you should click on the Eliminate Mail ID link to take out the mail login identification you have used. Be sure that you fill in all the fields and then submit the form. The practice is very easy and only requires you to take few minutes of your time. As soon as you've done so, you should see your email address to the homepage of your p