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Smart Singapore Kitchen Renovation Tips: Budget-friendly Ideas

Remodeling and renovating your kitchen doesn’t need a significant occasion or any reason. It is often done out of sheer want for something new and conveys some positive changes in your home. Your kitchen is where you spend tons of your time cooking your meals in an organized manner. Therefore, it makes sense that your kitchen should look beautiful and well-decorated, a bit like the remainder of your house.

There are a couple of ways and tips you'll follow or use to conduct cheap kitchen renovation in Singapore without making a hole in your pocket. A kitchen renovation in Singapore is something that everyone should resort to once in a while, but they must not spend unnecessarily.

How to plow ahead with reasonable kitchen renovation?

Renovators with an eye fixed for the great stuff skills to get the standard kitchen renovation done while staying well within the stipulated budget.

If you would like to renovate your kitchen equivalently in a cheap manner, then the five tips mentioned below will convince be useful for you.

Pro Tips: Don’t follow DIY kitchen renovation ideas, but hire the best renovation contractor in Singapore.

Paint it white

This is a cheap solution if you think that your kitchen needs a makeover and your furniture needs replacing. Painting your kitchen and furniture white or maybe off-white saves you the time and money of shopping for fresh and modern furniture for the kitchen.

This is a way resorted to by major interior designers in Singapore and renovators because it's effective and makes the interiors of your kitchen look extremely classy. They are often matte or have a semi-glossy touch and therefore the kitchen is prepared to seem nearly as good as new. If your cabinets and countertops are in fine condition, all you would like to try to do is whitewash the furniture.


One of the widely underrated and overlooked points is kitchen flooring. The ground is where the sweetness and magnificence of an area begins, and it's equivalent to the kitchen. Regardless of how well you followed the best kitchen decoration ideas or the colors on the wall blend with the ambiance, if the flooring is scruffy and doesn’t match, it'll never look attractive.

A floor tile renovation can bring a new dynamic into play by changing the entire look of the kitchen. Kitchen floor renovation can save the cash of shopping for furniture and indulging in other expenditures.

If you wish to know how to upgrade the property value, opting for a resale HDB renovation package in Singapore would be a great decision.


Instead of spending an arm and a leg painting every wall up your home and buying new furniture and appliances, a simple solution to renovate within a budget by installing a couple of lighting fixtures.

With a proper kitchen lighting design, your kitchen space will get the makeover it needs. Good ambiance lighting might cause you to want to spend all of your days within the kitchen itself.

Organizing utensils & installing racks

With just a touch of creativity, you'll add utility also as beauty to your kitchen. Installing racks in your kitchen to carry all the necessities can convince be extremely useful and may make your kitchen look far more organized. Installing racks properly at the right places also can decorate your kitchen space to an excellent extent.


Small details like patches and holes are often covered up to offer a wholesome and attractive makeover to the kitchen without spending tons.

Paying attention to details can prevent tons of unnecessary expenditures while repairing the condition of the kitchen (for starters).