Nik Blank
Nik Blank
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Same day alerts for Google Analytics?

Most digital marketers know about custom alerts in Google Analytics, but few use them to their full potential. There are 6 main reasons for this.

What can you do if you want to get alerted immediately when something happens with your website or ads?

This is crucial if you are running ads with a multi-million dollar spend. YetPulse offers intelligent alerts for Google Analytics that work on an hourly basis.

That service is made for you by experts from big advertising agencies who know how important it is to keep an eye on your data.

You don’t need to specify specific boundaries for alerts. Simply set up the metric you need and you’ll start getting alerts. The system uses an AI algorithm that automatically calculates boundaries each hour. Once your stats reach the boundary, you’ll receive an alert on your email.

“One of our clients came to us right after they had overspent by 100k euros with zero purchases. It turns out that one of the managers enabled a campaign that led to a 404 page. They figured this out only after a whole weekend of ready-to-buy customers being sent to the 404. If they had been using our service, they would have saved much of their 100k. It was a hard lesson for them to learn.” - says Nik Blank, Co-founder of YetPulse.

You can get started today. YetPulse offers a FREE plan that includes nearly everything you’ll need to start getting campaign-saving alerts.

Nik Blank