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Pinterest Marketing Tips - A Complete Guide

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On Pinterest, there are numerous options to broaden your reach and meet your target audience, and they come in a variety of formats. While falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has its own set of guidelines and best practises that help make it a fun and engaging place to test, iterate, and offer value to those who use it.

We're just getting started with our Pinterest marketing techniques, and we're excited to keep enhancing what we pin and publish so that our followers find it as helpful as possible.

We like the abundance of Pinterest marketing advice available. We have compiled a list of 5 tips that help in Pinterest marketing

Pin more frequently, and space your pins apart

The best adjustment we've made recently to our Pinterest engagement is to pin it more frequently.

Here are a few essential factors to must look at when planning a strategy for pinning more:

It's found that planning ahead of time has made things a lot easier for everyone . We can go through batches of searching and discovering excellent information to share with our Pinterest pals, and we can schedule it over a few days. This aids in the sharing of a consistent volume of Pinterest material.

To get Rich Pins for your website or blog

Rich pins are a free Pinterest tool that allows you to add more information and depth to your pins. Consider them akin to Twitter Cards or Facebook's open graph. They're intended to improve the pinning experience for pinners while also benefiting individuals who are pinned.

Rich pins come in five different varieties

• The title, author, narrative description, and link are all included in the article pins.

• Real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy are all included in product pins.

• Ingredients, cooking times, and serving information are included in recipe pins.

• Ratings, cast members, and reviews are all included on movie pins.

• The address, phone number, and map are all included in the place pins.

Make sure your photographs are the proper size

Pinterest's business blog offers a wealth of valuable techniques and tips in its videos and downloads. Here's one that's both intriguing and useful.

Vertical pins are the most effective. Pinterest photos should have a minimum width of 600 pixels and a 2:3 or 1:3.5 aspect ratio.

Improve your descriptions by making them more keyword-rich and informative

The Pinterest team offers five keys to what it's discovered to be most helpful in writing up the descriptions of your pins in the video above.

  • Beneficial details
  • Keywords
  • It's OK if it's only a handful of sentences
  • Positive feelings are prevalent
  • Give the reader a task to do. Share the following steps and a link to somewhere relevant if there is an action they can do

5.Multiple photos can be used in a single pin

Have you ever seen some popular Pinterest images that appear to be mosaics?

Many people have successfully utilised this multiple-image method in DIY projects and how-to tutorials. You combine many photos into one, resulting in a single pinned image.

In multi-image mosaics, the best approach is to employ four or fewer independent photos in your giant image. Canva templates are ideal for putting together something like this.

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