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What the Sounds Coming from an AC System Actually Mean?

The AC unit works consistently without making any disturbing noise, but when it makes any kind of noise, then it becomes a thing to be considered. Usually, the AC unit makes sound when it doesn’t work functionally better and has got some kind of problem. There are many types of sounds that come from the AC unit when it is not working fine. So when these sounds come from an air conditioner, then you as a responsible house owner should do some repairs to fix the problems. So for your reference, the AC repair Miami has mentioned few sounds that come from an air conditioner and also mentioned that how can you fix them.

Squealing Sounds

The squealing noise that comes from an air conditioning unit is not feasible. It is generally the sign of a belt or bearing issue with the machine. It happens because of the age of the system. The motor is connected to the blower fan with a belt. Now when this belt flips, then it can make a squealing sound. Now the fix is that you can replace the belt so that the cooling machine doesn’t make this type of sound.

Hissing Sounds

The air conditioning unit works in a closed loop that means that the refrigerant is used to cool the air that is circulated all around the house. But when this closed loop gets a leak, then the refrigerant can escape and make the situation worse as the refrigerant won’t be able to cool the air that is circulated. So when the leaks are serious, then they produce a hissing sound. But you can fix the sound by calling the technician and then the unit will not make a hissing sound.