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Epoxy Silanes Market 2020- Worldwide Industry Forecast with Trends, Size, Share, Statistics, Competition Strategies, Application, Region and Analysis 2025

Market Overview

Epoxy Silanes can be used as adhesion promoter for epoxies, urethanes and acrylics. Moreover, they can be also used in surface treatment for fillers and reinforcers. These silanes are effective additives for the crosslinking of carboxy and amino latexes and polyurethane dispersions. Epoxy silanes are largely used in paints & coatings industry and is the major factor driving the market growth. Epoxy resin have established greater importance due its vital application in medical (healthcare) industry particularly in the preparation of DNA microarrays.

Market Segmentation.

Epoxy Silanes Market is majorly segmented on the basis types, applications and regions. Epoxy functional silane is the only type of epoxy silane, due to which it is largely used in all applications. Most commonly, epoxy functional silanes are used to pre-treat fillers or are blended with epoxy resin. In medical applications, these are used in the basic techniques such as study of gene expression, which have become popular in the past years.

Furthermore, based on the application global market has been divided into paints & coatings, adhesive & sealants, fiber treatment, packaging, medical and others. Among all, paints and coatings application is the prominent segment and occupies a majority of market shares. Epoxy resin provides protective, tough coating with excellent hardness due to which it is largely used in the paints and coatings application. Applications of epoxy silanes in the established paints & coatings industry in Asia Pacific, is expected to grow in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, adhesive & sealants and medical applications are the second largest application segment which are anticipated to grow equally in coming years. On account of presence of healthcare industry particularly in Asia Pacific and North America, medical applications of epoxy silanes likely to grow significantly.

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Competitive analysis

Key Players

  • Evonik Industries AG
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • PCC SE
  • Anhui Elite Industrial Co.Ltd
  • LTD
  • Momentive
  • Air Products & Chemicals

Regional Analysis

As of 2016, Asia Pacific emerged as one of the largest and dominant markets for epoxy silanes globally, followed by North America and Europe. The region constituted more than half of the global market shares both in terms of value and volume. Growth in this region is highly attributed to growing industrialization in emerging economies such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Furthermore, China and India collectively drive Asia Pacific epoxy silanes market and occupy almost more than 70% of the regional market shares. This is due to increasing application in paints and coatings industry, rising demand of silanes in healthcare industry and economic growth across the region. North America is the second largest market for epoxy silanes including major markets U.S. and Canada. Increasing applications of epoxy silanes in paints and coatings and packaging industry is the key growth factor in this region. Globally, Europe region occupies smaller market share with lowered demand for epoxy silanes. Factors such as low economic growth and increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging material have restricted growth of this region.