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La Bijoux is the USA based prominent women's fashion jewelry wholesale supplier. We provide an extensive array of products. Visit:-
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Bag It Up: Latest Women's Fashion Bags Wholesale Trends

Bold looks will be dominating this year with daring fashion choices. Using accessories always accentuates the look. The best accessory a woman can have is a handbag. A great handbag solves the fashion purpose with the practicality of storing and carrying your things in style. Handbags trending this season will be largely made of natural fibers to support sustainability. Solid colors like burgundy and blue will make one stand out. Small bags, trendy clutches, and shoulder bags will be a preferred choice by fashionistas. Large oversized statement bags will solve the purpose of style with maximum holding capacity. People can show their wild side by supporting faux-animal print bags with embossing to imitate animal skin like a snake print and crocodile leather. Bucketbags will again be a trend this season with fashion houses creating stunning pieces using this style. Wholesale Women’s Accessories Online can provide all the trending styles for this season.

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Top Trends in Fashion Handbags for Women

Here we have listed top trends in handbags to carry through the year with style.

Circular Shaped Bags: Circular-shaped bags have a unique round silhouette offering a chic and playful look. It gives a unique twist to a traditional handbag. It is a playful and aesthetic version providing practicality for everyday use. It has a compact size but the interior is spacious enough to carry daily essentials.

Double Bags: The double-handbag style involves carrying two different-sized bags simultaneously for style and functionality. It creates a unique contrast with different but matched prints, colors, and textures to alleviate an outfit. The small bag showcases a style statement whereas the bigger bags provide functionality. It forms a unique aesthetic expression by creating an extra layer of interest.

Snake-skin Bags: Animal skin prints always exude a vibe of luxury. It adds a touch of sophistication to an ensemble. The snake skin bags come in various shapes and sizes creating a unique style statement every time. These bags are a great choice for both day and evening wear due to their textured brilliance. Search for wholesale purses near me to get these handbags for you.

Clutches: Clutches are timeless handheld bags that look elegant for every occasion. These are the perfect minimalistic accessory for an evening out and formal events. Designed to be held in hand and tucked under the arm for convenient handling, these beauties have ample space to add essential items like lipstick, keys, cards, and a smartphone.

Oversized Tote Bags: Oversized tote bags are a combination of style and practicality. It is spacious enough to carry your world around in the form of your needful things and more. The sturdy handles provide enough support to carry it around for everyday use and weekend gateways. It can be crafted from canvas, jute, leather, and more. This bag style is optimal for work, shopping, travel, and leisure and will make a generous statement with any style of an outfit.

Bright Color Bags: Colored Handbags are a fun way to add an element of personality to an outfit. The popping red color, a vibrant yellow, and an electrifying blue can instantly brighten the look. They are great for adding an element of contrast to the style. These women’s fashion bags wholesale will make a bold and noticeable statement for a formal and casual occasion.

Blossom Print Bags: Blossom prints add an element of nature with delicate floral prints on a handbag. The popular patterns are cherry blossoms, daisies, and roses. Florals are synonymous with feminine beauty and add softness to an ensemble. They are a great style statement for spring and summer outfits. It adds the much-needed freshness to a dress for a whimsical and dreamy effect.

Bucket Bags: Bucket bags are a hot hit this season with various top designers. These bags have a distinctive cylindrical shape with a drawstring closure. These slouchy silhouette bags are made of thick cloth, leather, and trendy embellishments. These accessories are enough to make a bold style statement and provide ample space to carry your things. These bags offer a relaxed and chic look to an ensemble.


The trending styles of handbags are an inspiration to dress in style for every day and every occasion. Buying these styles wholesale was never as easy as now. By getting these styles to your retail house, you can easily attract new customers and keep the loyal customers interested. Shopping for bags and accessories with Western jewelry wholesale suppliers will let you buy at a great price and save a lot of money for other investments. LA Bijoux is a great wholesale brand offering various accessories, bags, and jewelry of high quality and the latest styles. Visit us to learn more about our exclusive collections.

La Bijoux
La Bijoux is the USA based prominent women's fashion jewelry wholesale supplier. We provide an extensive array of products. Visit:-