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New Track IDK Released By American Hip-Hop Star, Sircalibur X

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NEWSDESK (January 30th, 2021) - Sircalibur X, the popular American hip hop star has released a new track called IDK. The track has been steadily rising in popularity and people are giving a lot of love to the new star on the Hip Hop sky. People have streamed the song on multiple platforms listening to it on a loop. IDK has also had thousands of downloads already till now with many downloads each day. Sircalibur's popularity has skyrocketed since the release of IDK, and so has the number of his fans across social media platforms. Not to mention, the Hip Hop circle is abuzz with conversations related to him and his growing reach.

The Lo Mein star has seen a steady growth in his singing collaborations too over the past couple of years. His single Lo Mein featured another Hip hop star in his own rights — Bleacht. This track has been, and still is being, loved by his fans and music lovers alike. They have taken the partnership up a notch and taken Hip Hop to the days when it was celebrated as true music and celebrated as an actual representation of what Hip Hop is and should be. "I love Lo Mein and IDK a lot. I mean, the 90s Hip Hop was so cool and then somehow it all went downhill. Thankfully, true musicians like Sircalibur X are bringing back the greatness of Hip Hop for us to enjoy good music once again", said an avid fan of Hip Hop and Sircalibur X.

"Talents like Sircalibur X are born once in a century. Hardworking, passionate, determination and staying true to the authenticity of a genre are rarely seen together in an artist. Most of them do the first three, but they bungle the last one. And that's why most genres have nosedived in the past decade and a half. Sircalibur is here not just to make good music but also to resurrect Hip Hop, and he has been doing that so successfully. Feel free to stream and download his perfect tracks and shower your love upon him. He's truly the next big thing", said the manager of Sircalibur X.

About Sircalibur X:

Sircalibur X is US based Hip hop star. He recently released his son IDK that can be streamed on any music streaming platform, including iTunes.

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