Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown
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Towing Company Fraud: How to Steer Clear of the Subtle Deceptions

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Just like any obliging service business, towing companies serve the community by transporting and finding an emergency home for your vehicles when necessary, terminating illegally parked transports, even giving a hand to jump-start your car or fixing up a tier.

For the vehicle owners, towing companies have become the friends-in-need for any sudden necessities. However, just like a masked friend, towing company frauds can hit you on your worst day.

With heavy towing and keeping your vehicle stored as leverage, towing your car in the name of illegal parking or simply taking advantage of your dire needs in any accidental situation. Here, a few tips for you to keep yourself armoured from such tricksters!

Be a Karen to the Scammers

The loophole of you not being vocal and aware of your rights and the laws can backfire you by the towing frauds with heavy towings, and practically hijacking your car. It is not rude to know the laws and ensure proper implementation.

If your car is towed in the name of illegal parking, and you believe otherwise, file your complaint to the police. Excessive billing does not necessarily reflect honest services.

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Know Your Friends-in-need

Aside from excessive billing, excessive interests in storing, repairing and simply taking your car away in the name of illegal parking, the vague excuses are also a red flag and a revealing factor of towing company frauds.

In a situation where you need your recreational vehicle to find temporary storage, or a sudden disruption of your vacation-travels when your car needs assistance, or in an accident or in an emergency, one hint of the towing service coming around to help you out is, the insisting interest.

Do not fall for the too-nice helping hands. As nice as it sounds, always prioritise the familiar, trustworthy, and adequately recommended towing company.

If you sense unnecessary insistence by a certain fishy towing company, do keep your head high and ensure you are not trapped into any sorts of unfairness. It is okay not to be too nice and give in to the insistence of the scammers and pay the heavy fees and fines. To follow the rules, there are, of course, numerous variations throughout the provinces. But beware, none of the rules is made to hassle the community more than the moody weather already does.