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How Cat Toys Attract Cats?

Many cat owners wonder how to raise a happy and healthy cat. It is very important to meet cat's inner needs of hunting and to provide him with a comfortable environment.

As predator, when cats see small moving things, they will involuntarily rush forward and attack as if they see prey. That's why cats are usually so excited when they see cat fishing rod, small balls, and fake mice running around in front of them. So cat toys you prepared should meet cats' hunting object. Cat toys should move flexibly and can't be too large. Such as smart snake cat toys will be a good choice.

However, cats don't like the same toy after a while? Most likely, you didn't put cat toys away when you were done playing with the cat. At first, the cat will still aggressively attack the toy after the toy has stopped moving. But after attacking a few times, the cat found that the toy did not respond to his attack like usual, and seemed to be dead. The cat felt bored and quickly lost interest in the toy. After that, the toy was classified as boring stuff by the cat.

3 ways to keep cats fresh in toys

1 Add cat grass or catnip

Cat grass and catnip are good things to help cats relieve stress and relax! The two kinds of plants are divided into many types, such as broken leaves, powder, spray, etc., appropriate amount is used for cat's daily necessities such as cat scratching boards, cattowers, toys, etc., which not only helps to soothe the mood, but also greatly increases the attraction.

2 Put away toys when not playing

Cat toys should be kept away during non-game time to prevent cats from losing their freshness after long-term contact with toys, and they will not be able to play hard in the future.

3 Regularly rotate toys

If you want your cat to keep fresh with toys , you can prepare a variety of different toys for spare, use each toy in turn, give one or two at a time, and change it about one to two weeks. Repeat the toys that the cat has played with after a while.

This way of using toys alternately can prevent cats from losing interest in all toys in a short period of time, and prolong the service life of toys!

If the cats at home don't always play with toys and don't like to exercise, try the above tips quickly to ignite the enthusiasm of cats to play!

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