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Living In Jumeirah Park, Jvt Or Jvc?

With Covid-19 Lockdowns are still engraved in everyone's minds, many families choose to move further to give them a little more space.

Located in a good location east of Marina, there are a number of great communities with parks, shops, and plenty of open space. Villas in Jumeriah Park, Jumeriah Village Triangle (JVT) and Jumeriah Village Circle (JVC) are a popular choice considering their relatively central location and community facilities.

Beautiful outside, below the surface, there may be a number of maintenance problems that you need to remember - as one of our customers find a difficult way!

Story for you

Renae and her family were very excited to move to their villa in the JVT area. With a contract throughout the year signed with leading home maintenance services in Dubai, the family moved.

Unfortunately, this is when the problem starts. The strange smell from one bedroom, a large AC system that requires service, channel and coil cleaning, and water tanks that need clean problems and plumbing and problems with birds on the roof that causes all kinds of challenges inside and outside. Immediate tension between tenants and landlords ran high and a large amount of money was spent.

This is not an unusual story. The most common service call that we have in this field is an air conditioning repair, worker work and plumbing.

Managed by Nakheel, maybe there are no big problems that need to be worried. But many of the villas only start aging. Depending on how well the owner or tenant has previously maintained the property, you can hope that the AC, general electricity, and plumbing system might need attention.

If you move from the apartment to the villa, you also need to remember that the villa in this area will have its own water tank that needs to be cleaned at least once a year to ensure water that goes into your home clean and safe.

"I only hope we check all the maintenance before we moved" Renae, JVT resident

Consider moving to this area? Make sure you do a thorough maintenance check before signing the rent. This will allow you to negotiate potential improvements and needs with landlords as part of your agreement.

Have you stayed at JVT, JP or JVC? If you don't have an annual maintenance contract, maybe just what you need. Just as routine service your car, regular service from your AC system will help identify problems early and hopefully prevent big problems. Having 24/7 access to electrical support and pipes will also give you peace of mind that there will be someone to help you when you need it most.

This is a great family community to be part of, with some simple general maintenance work, you can find yourself living happily for years in one of the available villas available.

Maintaining your health during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is important. Do you need a regular medical examination, you think you might get sick, or need to schedule a delayed procedure, it's important to see a doctor.

In the leading home maintenance services in Dubai, we take all the precautions needed to make you (and our staff) safe, and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our dedicated team faces new normal, which includes different ways to provide health care. But one thing remains constant: Your health and safety is our top priority.