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Ivan Masterov
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Prepositions: Perceptions

Heeeeya, folks! Long time no word, has it, and now we're getting back on track. I remember promising you the other part of Prepositions nightmare that is about the way you perceive them, rather than the way they're grouped, so go on reading and you'll make it.

I'll be covering those ones I myself felt most gutted about, they're "in, on, at, beside/besides, under/below, beneath/underneath, above/over, beyond, for/during/while", shit, I've run out of breath, shall we?

1 in - someplace you perceive as a whole inside which one can be
e.g. I'm in a room, a chair (if it has armrests and a back), a city, etc.

  • inside - a synonym of it but with more "inner" component, it can differ though depending on the context;
    e.g. Look inside (a literal way) - look in (a phrasal verb)

2 on - someplace you perceive a surface one can be "on"
e.g. I'm on the 4th floor, the stool (one that has neither armrests nor a back), the lawn, on the road, etc.

3 at - someplace you perceive as a point at ("nearby") which you can be
e.g. I'm at the office (not literally "inside" it), the front door, the window, etc.

NB At the corner - in the corner - answer in the comments what the difference is, please :)

4 beside - besides - Well, "beside" is not actually a prep, is it, it's an adverb, so it answers the question "Where":
e.g. Come sit beside me (no matter what side of me; we should point at the place)

besides - smth like "except for"
e.g. Besides the rumour, I thought it was true. e.g. I love all fruits besides apples.

5 under/below - above/over
Under - above (Prepositions) = the opposites of the same idea of being at the upper/lower level of
e.g. The man is under the tree, he's legless.
e.g. The bird is above the horizon, it's so picturesque.

Below - over (Prepositions and Adverbs) = the opposites of the same idea of being at the upper/lower level of

NB They can prolly be used in the same ways but never use "under -above" as adverbs.

6 beneath/underneath - these shitties are just a formal thingamabob of the previous two, aren't they
e.g. Underneath the tree there was a squirrel, or at least I thought there was after the 4th pint that evening. e.g. "All of you will crawl beneath my feet", thought Napoleon, and woke up in a sweat.

7 beyond - someplace metaphorically out of limits, borders
e.g. Go beyond your understanding, will you, or get high and you'll make it over your self.

8 for/during/while - time is a deep matter, so let's take a closer look
Try asking questions so that the answers were the words we're discussing:

  • "How long?" - for a day - a prep as it's used with a noun
    e.g. I was on holiday for a week.
  • "When?" - during the day - a prep as it's used with a noun
    e.g. I was busy during the week.
  • "When?" - while you're sleeping - a conjunction as it's used between two parts of a sentence
    e.g. I love watching you while you're sleeping.

Phew, holy moly, mates, we're done here. Well, I hope you'll soak as much as you need.