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Mobile application that helps medical specialists and patients interact effectively

The challenge

Our client was looking for a professional engineering team to build a highly functional mobile application which would simplify the interaction between medical institutions, patients, doctors and specialists. They wanted the app that would meet the needs of the potential users, provide an intuitive and friendly experience, allow for rapid communication and be equipped with push notifications.

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The solution

We have developed Med.me, a cloud-based medical service and a mobile application for clinics that helps medical institutions keep track of patients, sends them results of the analyzes and studies, provides medical reports. It helps patients interact with doctors, make appointments, store medical data electronically and keep in touch with the specialists.

Med.me is useful not only for patients but also for doctors, as it provides a complex management kit to take care and keep track of patients. The clinic can download patient’s medical data in their personal account manually or automatically, and all the data is stored in an encrypted form. The patient can upload the examinations made earlier or in another clinic in their personal account, and give access to this data to their physician for treatment consulting.

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Med.me also allows the clinic or therapist and the patient to communicate directly. The patient can send a request to their doctor for a review of tests, correction of the treatment. The clinic can send a reminder, warning, offer or a personal message to the patient.

Full story: https://evrone.com/medme

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