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How we successfully helped a tech leader build an automated healthcare app for care teams

Evrone focuses on using proven technologies to complete intricate, high-load projects for large enterprises and facilitate fast start-up launches. Our engineers closely monitor advances in technology and apply the innovations that show the most convincing results. This approach led Evrone to expand our tech stack to include the Dart programming language and the Flutter framework, both of which we employed in the development of a healthcare mobile app for our client.

The challenge

Evrone’s client, David Weekly, is a tech-savvy, Silicon Valley veteran. He has over 35 years of technical experience as a seasoned product management leader at Google and Facebook, an award-winning startup mentor, and a founder & Board Member at Hacker Dojo. Inspired by his own personal experience, he commissioned the development of an application to improve the quality of doctor-patient interaction.

When Weekly’s father fell seriously ill, his family was subject to a deluge of information about the various treatment options available. Like many patients and their families, Weekly’s family found it difficult to process all of the details and treatments recommendations and accurately convey them to other family members. Concerned that they might miss important details, they began recording the conversations they had with doctors. The recordings were then emailed to family members for discussion, after which a decision would be made on treatment. This family care-team approach proved remarkably efficient. So Weekly came up with the idea that would, with Evrone’s engineering help, become Medcorder, an application designed to automate the methods Weekly’s family employed.

The solution

Evrone developed Medcorder’s concept, its design, and an MVP. As an experienced tech leader, the client knew he wanted the app created using the Google stack (Google Cloud, Google Firebase, Google Storage, and Google Speech Recognition), coupled with an innovative, cross-platform framework for mobile app development — Google Flutter. The Evrone team had extensive experience developing with React Native and was enthusiastic about creating a product with a multi-platform framework. The client emphasized the importance of quick realization and flexibility with regard to changes, so a framework like this was just what was needed.


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