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Muslim Prayer Mats - An Important Part of Your Home

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My Salah Mat is an interactive prayer rug designed for children to learn how to do the traditional Muslim prayer in a unique and fun way. The interactive prayer rug is touch sensitive and also has the recorded keys which are pressed to show the correct sound, including prayer times, to say, like dust, recite duas, or say other words, all from the comfort of your home. It will teach kids about the different times of prayer, the different bodily positions and postures, and what to say in each of them. With this mat, children can learn and practice how to pray in the Muslim way in a safe and fun environment. It also serves as a wonderful teaching tool to introduce the rituals of prayer, as well as how to follow them properly.

You will love the way it teaches kids about the importance of keeping their prayers fresh and not boring. You'll also enjoy the way it keeps you from getting frustrated at your quest to get to the prayer mat. Because it is an interactive map, you can adjust the length at anytime, making it great for kids to use and yet not leaving them too exposed to the elements outdoors. The unique interactive design also means that you can bring it inside if it gets cold, saving you time and energy during a hectic time at home.

I have two boys, age seven and nine, whom I brought along with me when we went shopping for our first Muslim prayer mats. We tried on a few and found that they were comfortable enough for us to use inside. After that, we purchased a few more for our use as well. Both boys are now completely hooked on these prayer rugs, especially after seeing how much fun they had.

When we went to order a few more, I was shocked by how cheap they were. At first I thought that since we had already purchased several prayer rugs, I might not need another. However, when I saw how cheap they were, I knew I had to get another one. Now that I have two sons, both are completely enamored of the Islamic tradition of praying with a Muslim prayer mat. They love kneeling down on it, as it really gives them a sense of belonging and respects their right to pray as they wish.

My son loves the fact that the prayer mat is 100% nylon. This makes it very easy for washing, unlike some other types of prayer rugs that have some water resistance built in. However, I must say that even though my son washed his prayer mat several times before he brought it home, he still felt a bit moist at times. This is something that you have to deal with, as there is nothing you can do about it. I just let it be.

Another thing I love about my son's Muslim prayer mat, is that he can change between it and his regular bed sheets whenever he wants. Since the prayer mat has a zipper around the edge, he can easily put it on and take it off whenever he wants to. This is great because he doesn't get any sick of seeing it every day. He just has to take his time and put it on.

What my son absolutely loves about his islamic prayer mat is that it is so easy to clean. When he gets out of the shower, all he has to do is wash it. There is no soaking, no mussing, no moping, no scrubbing. He simply has to wipe it off and put it back on. That's really all there is to it. What makes it even better is that our family tends to clean up after him, so there isn't any more dirt on his prayer mat than there would be if he kept it on the bathroom floor.