Irena Rybinova
Irena Rybinova
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Hi. My name is Irena Rybinova. I'm 33 years of age. I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm a sales manager. I have been in this industry for quite a long time and I've attained a certain professionalism to feel optimistic and handle people competently. In my spare time I enjoy my hobbies: sport, swimming and frequently take walks in the open air. It's essential for me personally, as a healthful body automatically means a nutritious mind, and of course, it has a positive impact on my job performance.

When I initially started working in the area I understood that everybody has his own construction and his own requirements for the department management. All the departments have various methods, approaches, managers and psychotypes - this imposes its own imprint on the choice of the system. But we must all proceed simultaneously, with one aim - a particular order in the organization, availability of information and predictability. Obviously by expertise you may find out the perfect way to act here, but I have to mention at once that everybody has misfires and a few difficulties.

As soon as I started working at a new place I instantly noticed that the section was completely disorganized. Everything was odd, many employees were not in time and it bothered the principal direction. Definitely had to do something about it and fix this problem. For me the most suitable and convenient service has been Redmine. It is absolutely free, but very convenient and has quite a few useful features. And you could also separately purchase performance-enhancing plugins in , which could further increase your efficiency. Job direction Redmine covers half of it, since this product does not concentrate in project direction, but there's a particular block which helps with this. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect item, but at the time it covered the needs we had to your system and thus overall we were happy with it. Obviously you have to appear at your personal wants and requirements from the machine, but additionally it is good to understand the experience of other people. Personally, I often get different opinions before making a personal choice, and then I can find a complete picture of what is going on rather than miss one thing.