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In's and Out's Of Video Production and Marketing

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Video is not only a content type now, but now it's become a culture. Theater movies and TV had driven the culture, and the only thing that changed over the past years is the platform. Video production and marketing tips and techniques are changing day by day.

We need to follow the ever-changing trends within our industry. While innovations and equipment upgrades are always on the cards, keeping up with the rapid growth in technology has been easy. What I found most interesting is tracking how people consume video content. Recent trends have led to an explosion in video marketing, mobile advertising, and social media.

Video production and marketing used to be about high-end equipment, cool effects, big budgets, and 'creative.'

Today, effective video production and marketing is more about delivering measurable business results. More importantly, video production preference over other types of content continues to grow with consumers, making it vital for marketers and brands.

To help you stay on top, take a look at the various video production and marketing In's and Outs by Asterlation, video marketing services expected through 2021.

Make Google and SEO more user-friendly

Google adds auto-play video previews to its search results on Android devices. It means that when people search, relevant videos may appear at the top of search results while preview playing, making them more eye-catching. We can expect it to hit iOS devices this year, which is a big incentive to create SEO-friendly videos and not forget about YouTube. Google Autoplay Videos

Maximize the Value of Video

With many options, when and where people watch videos, brands, marketers will need to get the most out of their production. For example, record a long-duration video that works in both landscape and portrait formats (or re-edit a landscape video to portrait, if possible). Then produce the tape to be cut into small clips for short ads and Instagram stories, leading people to the full video on YouTube or IGTV. You can get help from different video editing tools to better your video performance.

Quantity or Quality?

Social Media Experts also found that marketers plan to ramp up video production and marketing over all other content types in 2021. it means the best opportunity against a rush of everyone pushing video is to invest in quality. And by quality, I don't necessarily mean production quality. A video doesn't have to be high-end; it depends on the audience and delivering the message correctly.

An expensive video on a set and actors might resonate with an audience less than a cheaper video that's more authentic. An internal team advocate or influencer shares their experience or gives instructions through their front-facing camera on their phone.

Short Length Ads

Google originated this trend back in 2017 with the launch of YouTube's 6-second ads. This new format was for shortening attention spans in general and precisely fit the growing mobile video trend and shorter videos create.


Another trend in video production that involves a lot of creativity is Cinemagraph creation. A cinema graph is a fusion of photography with a film that permits you to tell an appealing visual story in a whole new way. They create from a series of images or video edited to play in a seamless loop. This modern video production method is an excellent way for brands to advertise and communicate differently.

Software like Cinemagraph Pro makes creating a cinema graph as easy as taking a picture. Cinemagraphs widely use in digital marketing campaigns. For example, a cinema graph recently created for Mercedes Benz, which contributed a 6 pt. Increase in brand preference and 34% increase in ad recall in 3 ad campaigns. Lately, cinema graphs used on platforms such as:

  • Social networks
  • E-mails
  • Digital screens/projections
  • Websites
  • Digital ads

Aerial video and drones

Aerial videography and drones are gaining popularity in the world of video production. Using a drone costs less than finding a helicopter to shoot aerial video, which is why most people are now turning to drones for all of their aerial photography needs. Another advantage of using drones is their stable camera, which provides hours of usable footage for various reasons. Aerial imagery is an excellent way for businesses to stay ahead of their competition. The use of drones for video production is a revolutionary trend in video production used for various purposes, both for business and pleasure.

According to a recent survey, over 700,000 drones shipped in 2015, around 400,000 purchased during the 2015 Christmas season. 2015 has seen a 63% increase in drone sales since 2014, and 300,000 drones have already registered with the FAA. The drone industry value is around $ 3.3 billion, which expects to grow to $ 90 billion by 2025. These statistics pave the way for many upcoming trends in the production of drones and aerial video.

Pre-production value in video

If you don't have the right message, the right concept, and the most appropriate style, you waste your time with the video. Having a video on your website was a goal in itself. If you don't start your video project by first identifying specific business goals your video needs to achieve, you're wasting your time with video. No amount of filming, editing, and creativity will allow a video to record that is not in the post or does not produce a specific business outcome.


We're still a few years away from the technology that allows us to personalize mass video delivery easily. Still, there is no doubt that personalization and the creation of targeted, targeted content is the future of video. Broadcast viewing (programming that lets you watch things on someone else's schedule) replace with personalized mobile viewing. It means that a video aimed at a mass audience will be of less and less value. The context, where you are, and what you do will require videos created and delivered to meet a particular audience's needs, where and when.

Bloopers / Behind the scenes / Interviews

Bloopers, BTS, and interviews guide us through the product or service or a person. It is one of the major trends in video production and marketing for nonprofits, charities, and organizations. Pamper people with the business and the people who run it. People love to hear coverage that includes personal stories, setbacks, struggles, travels, etc. Spreading them through chalkboards, mistakes, behind the scenes, and interviews are the best fads for a video production company.

We are entering the era of post-hardware video production

Remember when the desktop publishing platform mattered to you, the photo editing software you used or the encoding platform you developed on? Nobody cares anymore. The same is now happening with the video.

The equipment you own use to define your position in the video production industry. These days you can do great things with almost any camera, and if you run out of special features, wait a few months, and a company will include it in their latest model launch. How you solve your customers' business problems is what matters today. Having expensive video equipment doesn't make you a good video producer, nor does having a costly pencil make you a good writer.

Video production and marketing might seem daunting at first, but it's the present and future of video making, and it can always start slowly. You can produce good quality videos with practice, and remember to align the video content with your brand.

With the help of Asterlation, video marketing services, trends mentioned above, Creating and posting videos to grow your brand is much more comfortable. Start by turning your epic blogs into different little videos. Go out for others and surprise your audience with your videos and keep improvising all the time.

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