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Types of plumbers and their need in homes and offices

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Water leaking from ceiling

Water leaking from ceiling is a menace for households which needs to be fixed in an urgent way otherwise it may cost households in terms of more expense for house renovation and painting. The water leaking may be a result of leakage or seepage. An emergency plumber can help fix the problem temporarily but permanent solutions are required to prevent leakage issues further. A plumber is perhaps the right person who can be called for providing solutions for water leakage. A plumber is responsible for sanitary waterproofing that would stop leakage. Water leakage can cause peeling of paints and dampness. Water leaking from the ceiling is the most leakage prone area where water starts percolating from. The plumber must also ensure that acrylic sealer or bonder or penetrative waterproofing must be done by the plumber for better results. There are a few different kinds of plumbers available, probably for fixing different types of water leaking problems. The various types of plumbers are as follows:

Commercial Plumber – Every commercial building has a unique challenge of setting the network of pipes right to facilitate flow of water from pipes without any leakage. The pipe structure of a commercial building is complex and must be based on a plumbing map. A commercial plumber has adequate experience, license and technical expertise to take every right step in setting the infrastructure of pipes right. He can manage large projects with ease and convenience.

Residential Plumbers – As compared to commercial plumbers, residential plumbers are trained to install pipes and related systems in newly constructed homes or as renovations or additions in old homes. These plumbers look into water related systems or network drainage fixtures to ensure that water in and waste from homes are seamlessly transferred.

Supply Plumbers – This special type of plumbers are more concerned with water supply issues irrespective of the fact that whether it is a commercial or residential project. Their main focus is to ensure water flow through pipes to kitchen sinks, water heaters and water taps.

Sanitary plumbers – They are concerned with fixing drainage lines. Their main role is to clear clogs, install toile fitting and water bath tubs.

Specialty Plumbers – These plumbers are specialized in certain core and special aspects of plumbing. They may be directly responsible for installing natural gas pipelines for seamless transmission of cooking fuel to the kitchen of households. They have more knowledge regarding setting piped networks that works well with transporting natural gas at reasonable pressure.

Apprentice Plumber – It is a kind of plumber who works under a licensed plumbing contractor. He therefore works under the instruction of skilled plumber to gain wide and rich experience or on-the-job training while completing the professional program on installing plumbing systems.

A Journeyman Plumber – He is a kind of plumber who has completed his professional education on plumbing and is working under the license of another plumber. He must also ensure that he has passed the plumbing test to exercise hands on small or large projects which are ideally conducted by respective states.

In a nutshell, the role of plumber is very significant in not just installing plumbing systems but in also checking that water leakage or seepage is avoided. The respective plumber must be acting in accordance with the installation checklist for effectiveness in work.