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How to Use Gamification on Your E-Commerce Store?

Every human being is attracted to a thing that offers fun and this is why gamification is getting so much why in the eCommerce world. There are many hurdles that are present in the world of eCommerce and you will be glad to know that Gamification Platform can help you cope up with all the challenges you are facing right now. No matter what is the size of your business there are many challenges such as creating loyalty, abandoned carts, and offering unmatchable experiences to the customers. All these things can be overcome if you will introduce gamification.

What is gamification all about?

Gamification is all about rewards and this helps in encouraging the customer to involve more and more in your business. It does not mean that popular games will pop up on their screens. Gamification is not just for online stores, but it can help with learning, business, personal growth, and training. Gamification Customer Experience can help you achieve that.

Abandoning carts

It is very common for the customer to visit your online store, shop, fill the carts and when they get to the checkout points, they lose the desire of shopping and abandon carts. It is very common and the rate of abandoned carts is 64%. You will not be able to get back your shoppers until you will offer them something solid. There are many perks that can be included such as offering some perks like coupons, free shipping, etc. If you add these customers are definitely going to notice it. Gamification Marketing Platform is all about rewards to attract shoppers.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important things any business wants. Loyalty is built when there is a meaningful relationship between the customer and the business. The majority of business fails because they follow the same patterns and habits. Loyalty cannot be built overnight and is a long journey. Some things that can help build loyalty are adding Gamification User Engagement with rewards and gratitude expression. If your customers are loyal to your business it can take your profitability to 25%-125%. There are many gamification tactics that you can use for customer engagement. This will help you inspire the conversation and participation of shoppers. Customer experience and engagement are so important that 88% of them will willingly pay more if they get a better customer experience.

GReT is where you will find the Best Gamification Websites that will help you increase user engagement. It is the most simple and effective way to build a community that will be loyal to you. Get ready to kick start your social presence with GReT.

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