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Getting Your Georgia Fishing License: A Quick Guide

Who needs a license to fish in Georgia?

Pretty much everyone over the age of 16 needs a license to go fishing in Georgia. While some groups are eligible for a free license, all anglers must carry a valid license from Georgia’s DNR.

In addition, if you want to go after Trout, or if you want to explore the state’s Atlantic shores, you’ll also need a special permit.

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Graphic depicting the outline of the state of Georgia and the fishing licenses and permits required when fishing in the state.

What type of fishing license can I get?

You can purchase a license for as short a period as one day or for as long as the rest of your life. Georgia fishing licenses come in many packages, so you’re sure to find something that tailors to your needs.

Residents and non-residents should apply for different licenses, as prices differ for both groups. You’re considered a resident of Georgia if you’ve had a registered address in the state for the past 3 months.

You can prove your residency through any state-issued ID card, or legal document confirming your status. Military personnel on leave and full-time students in Georgia are also considered to be residents.

One great thing about Georgia fishing licenses is that you can combine them with a hunting license. The option known as the “Sportsman” license covers all your fishing and hunting needs, including your Trout permit.

If you’re planning on fishing for life in Georgia, then a lifetime option is probably your best bet.

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Georgy Dzhansug
I am Iron Man