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Can we play youtube in background app on mobile phones for free?

Do you want to play youtube in background app and you are planning to take or opt for the youtube premium subscription for this single feature? Though, no need to do this, which means no need to take any kind of the subscription or premium membership for this only thing. You can play youtube in background app without the premium subscription as well. Yes! You heard it absolutely right.

Now anyone can play Youtube in background app, be it an android phone or be it an iOS phone.

Here are some of the major as well as simple steps to be followed to play youtube in background app. Follow this perfect guide and get your desired results out of it.

Step: 1 you are not required to open the youtube app over your phone but in fact, open the youtube official website over the phone with the help of the chrome browser.

Step: 2 in the chrome browser after opening the youtube you need to click on the three dots present over the top right corner of the screen.

Step: 3 now find the option in the list that says desktop site and click on the tick box.

Step: 4 now you will find that the whole screen has been shifted to the desktop website and play the desired song or video over the youtube website.

Step: 5 now come back to the main or home screen of your mobile phone, where you will notice that the music or the video has been paused automatically because you have forced the phone to open the home screen.

Step: 6 scroll down the notification bar menu in the phone and there you will see that the music video is running but it has been paused. Click on the resume button there and it will start playing in the background itself.

The above steps that are mentioned are for the android phones only. However, all the steps are absolutely similar for the iOS operating system as well but in place of the google chrome browser a person is required to open the safari browser, rest all the steps are same.

Youtube is promoting heavily as well as intensely all its features but even after so many features, the option to play youtube in background app is considered to be hidden but now you know the secret of playing youtube in background.