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The Mass Spectrometer Market Is Vast, And There Is Still A Lot of Room for Domestic Manufacturers to Increase

The mass spectrometer is a type of instrument that ionizes material particles into ions, separates them by an appropriate electric or magnetic field, and detects their strength for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

In addition to the basic characteristics of direct measurement, the mass spectrometer also has the characteristics of high resolution, high sensitivity, high throughput and high precision. Therefore, it is very important in the fields of life sciences, materials science, food safety, environmental monitoring, and healthcare. effect. Mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry technology have become one of the most cutting-edge and active fields in the field of analytical sciences due to their irreplaceable role. Since the beginning of the 21st century, mass spectrometry technology has been valued by countries all over the world, and the demand for downstream applications has been superimposed. The global mass spectrometer market has maintained steady growth and attracted many social capitals to deploy on the track.

Status of Mass Spectrometer Market

Data shows that from 2016 to 2020, the global mass spectrometry market has shown a steady growth, with an annual growth rate of about 7%. In 2020, it will exceed 5 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 8.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

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As early as the 1960s, China manufactured the first mass spectrometer, creating a historic moment. However, due to historical limitations, the development and production of mass spectrometers was forced to terminate. At this stage, China has a huge demand for mass spectrometers, and the overall mass spectrometer market is developing well. However, under the huge market scale, there is not much room for local companies to play. Because China's mass spectrometer technology has a certain gap with the international level, the domestic mass spectrometer market is almost monopolized by foreign companies, and it is difficult for domestic mass spectrometers to occupy a place in the international high-end market. The import volume of mass spectrometers in 2018 was 12,426 units, an increase of 21.14% from 10,255 units in 2017.

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Among the many imported mass spectrometers, more are imported from the United States, accounting for 39%.

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In the global mass spectrometer market, international manufacturers occupy a dominant position. The main representatives are Waters, Danaher Corporation, Thermo Fisher, and Bruker. The market concentration is relatively high. The top seven companies have a combined market share of approximately 90%.

Policies Urge the Industry to Embrace the Good Situation

According to the "Industry Key Common Technology Development Guidelines" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, mass spectrometry analysis and detection technology is clearly defined as the industry's key common technology.

With the development of the domestic economy and the improvement of the social system, China's international status has increased significantly. However, the production of precision instruments, including mass spectrometers, is slightly insufficient to meet the huge domestic demand. Therefore, under the pressure of the stimulation of internal demand and the pressure of the complex international environment, the country will increase attention to precision and high-sensitivity instruments. And investment. Mass spectrometers are widely recognized by the market due to their high specificity and high sensitivity advantages. Its application fields cover all aspects of the economy and society. As an important way to collect information, mass spectrometers have a huge driving effect on the development of other industries. There will be more extensive applications in large detection fields, and various mass spectrometers have broad market prospects in medical detection, food detection, environmental monitoring and industrial detection.

Mass Spectrometer and Environmental Monitoring

With the comprehensive construction of the domestic ecological environment monitoring network, the improvement of monitoring institutions and monitoring requirements, the market demand for environmental monitoring equipment has greatly increased.

Improve the status of social-environmental monitoring agencies in the environmental monitoring market, increase government procurement of social-environmental monitoring services, support the integration of social environmental monitoring resources, reflect the subjectivity of social-environmental monitoring agencies.It is foreseeable that the demand for environmental monitoring services will grow into a new market growth point.

Using precision chromatography, mass spectroscopy, spectroscopy and other instrument technologies to analyze the complex components of pollutants in detail, and to further study the characteristics of water pollution, it is possible to implement reasonable and effective monitoring, traceability, governance and control of the target water area, and accurately understand the status of water pollution. Pollution composition information and pollution sources, establish pollution source emission lists, and provide reliable data and scientific basis for pollution source management, water environment governance and assessment.

Mass Spectrometer and Medical

In the medical field, the characteristics of mass spectrometry technology perfectly meet the stringent requirements of clinical testing equipment. With the enhancement of people's health awareness and the improvement of the medical system, it is expected that the domestic clinical mass spectrometry testing market will become an important force in the demand for mass spectrometers. Public data shows that there are 9,687 secondary hospitals, 2,749 tertiary hospitals, and 3071 maternal and child health care institutions in China. As domestic mass spectrometer manufacturers increase R&D investment and industrialization in the field of high-end medical mass spectrometers, the scale benefits of clinical mass spectrometers will appear, which will promote the decline in the price of clinical mass spectrometers, and the demand for clinical applications of domestic mass spectrometers will continue Release, the market is expected to continue to expand in the medium and long term.

Mass Spectrometer and Food

Mass spectrometry technology has qualitative and accurate quantitative functions and can be widely used in the analysis of toxic and hazardous substances and illegally added substances in food, the detection of genetically modified food, and the rapid detection of food safety. With the improvement of the national economy and the improvement of people's living conditions, the food and clothing issues of concern in the past will shift to food safety. Domestic food safety testing standards will gradually increase and the scope of testing will continue to expand. Superimposed on the increase in the number of food production, distribution and catering service companies in China, it will promote the rapid growth of the food safety testing industry and provide strong support for the upstream test equipment market demand. The application space in the field of food safety is constantly expanding.

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Florence Liu
Business consultant at Global Market Monitor. Global Market Monitor is a professional modern consulting company.