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Summum bonum...

Leon Winiarski, a Polish literary critic with a greater sense of cruelty than love, wrote: ‘We have to laugh, when we read that this eighty-year-old man standing at the edge of a grave thinks that the greatest happiness in life is in ‘kissing a girl’.’

by Robert Browning Роберт Браунинг

All the breath and the bloom of the year in the bag of one bee:
All the wonder and wealth of the mine in the heart of one gem:
In the core of one pearl all the shade and the shine of the sea:
Breath and bloom, shade and shine, wonder, wealth, and—how far above them—
Truth, that's brighter than gem,
Trust, that's purer than pearl,—
Brightest truth, purest trust in the universe—all were for me
In the kiss of one girl

Asolando (1889), his last book.

Все дыханье цветущего лета — одна пчела —
Чудеса и богатства мира – один алмаз —
Жемчуга сердце — сиянье и тени волн —
Истина ярче алмаза, искренность чище чем жемчуг —
Все это вместе и многое сверх того
В твоем поцелуе, женщина.

Перевод с английского: Яков Фельдман

¹ “Summum Bonum” is a Latin phrase that means the highest good. / Высшее благо (лат.).

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