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International Eskimo Pie Day ― Международный день эскимо

А в США — National Eskimo Pie Patent Day. Всем остальным — чистое удовольствие, а исключительной стране — вовремя застолбившего чужое помянуть.

Сложное и запутанное это дело — нематериальные активы и Jus in rem в части патентной составляющей...

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Eskimo Pie Day
by Jim Yerman

Christian Kent Nelson, although unknown to most, is important...let me tell
you why.
He got melted chocolate to adhere to ice cream when he created the Eskimo

He originally named them I-Scream bars but that name just wouldn’t do
So at Russell Stover’s urging the Eskimo Pie was christened in 1922.

January 24th 1922 to be exact, that’s when Mr. Nelson’s patent was approved
And since that day the Eskimo pie has never needed to be improved.

Because if you’ve ever eaten that scrumptiously delicious ice cream bar
Then you know, no matter how much you try, you cannot improve perfection.

True he didn’t discover penicillin, television or even the electric heater
But there’s something to be said for someone who made our world a little

So today let’s celebrate Christian Kent Nelson and now you know the reason
For where would our world be today...without the delectable Eskimo Pie.