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Roof Damage Caused by Birds

Bird infestation is a problem that is not often taken seriously enough. Sure they look cute when they are in the cage at a pet store, and sure many people enjoy feeding them breadcrumbs down at General Contractors Long Beach NY, but when they take up residence in your home or place of business the problems start to multiply. Their nesting materials can block drains, ventilation systems and other vital parts of your Smithtown or Commack home, and these materials are can also be a fire hazard as they are often made from twigs, straw and other flammable materials. Also, their droppings can damage roofing materials.

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Long Island Roofing Services

If you’ve ever returned to your car to find a lovely little “present” on your windshield or walked down a particularly dirty sidewalk filled with bird droppings, you know that birds don’t discriminate where they do their business (although doesn’t it feel like they are specifically targeting your car sometimes?). While bird droppings are often nothing more than a nuisance outside your home or business, they can cause many problems if not taken care of promptly. First, they just look bad when they are everywhere. Who wants to live in a house or shop at a store covered in bird droppings? Also, they can pose a major health problem. These fecal droppings can transmit diseases and contain dangerous parasites. But don’t worry! Roof Pro offers Long Island Roofing Services for bird protection removal process for your residential roof!

We employ a three-phase removal process. The first step involves legally trapping and removing the persistent birds that just won’t take a hint and leave after the use of spikes, nets and decoys. We call these “high pressure birds.” Phase two involves inspecting the building and removing any areas where nesting or perching is likely to occur. The third and final phase involves your commitment to continually monitor your building to ensure it remains bird-free. Our NY roofing contractors are committed to ensuring you remain happy, healthy, and bird-free for years to come. Call your Roof Pro, local Long Island Roof Maintenance company for more information!

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