Dr. Dean M. Zusmer
Dr. Dean M. Zusmer
Dr. Dean M. Zusmer is a Miami Beach Native, Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician. https://www.drdeanmiami.com/
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3 Ways Rehabilitative Exercises Can Help Heal Your Car Accident Injuries

Ever wondered why your chiropractor at the accident clinic trains you to do corrective exercises even while you are undergoing treatment for your car accident injuries? Because a body at its best will heal better and faster.

Rehabilitative exercises help ease the pain and strengthen your body. If continued along with chiropractic care, rehabilitative exercises also help keep your muscles and ligaments flexible. Muscles if not exercised enough can become stiff and uncomfortable making it difficult to carry out activities on a daily basis.

Regular sessions of rehabilitative exercises during recovery from a car accident injury stimulate healing of your body. They also help ease chronic pain and heal skeletal abnormalities.

Your joints could lose their mobility after a car accident, making it painful for you to move around. Rehabilitative exercises help improve joint mobility and also cure joint stiffness that hampers movement.

If done diligently, rehabilitative exercises can soon have you back on your feet again. At first, the exercises may leave you a bit sore, but that is completely normal. Doing them when you have less pain helps you live an active and pain-free life.

The more you do them the better your body will recover. Rehabilitative exercises should not be given up after a few weeks. As you work out you build strength and flexibility. Stick to a routine that lessens your pain and you do not have any discomfort doing the exercises.

Chiropractors at our Miami accident clinic recommend the following three reasons why you must continue with your rehabilitative exercises.

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  • Faster Recovery

Sometimes even after you've resumed your daily activities following your car accident, you may still feel pain at the site of injury. Your pain may be accompanied by stiffness, headache, or even reduced mobility and range of motion. This is where rehabilitative exercises can help you in your complete recovery process.

Following a regular exercise regimen keeps your pain within manageable limits. You also experience an increase in your strength and overall flexibility.

  • Stop Long-term Damage

You should never delay visiting an accident clinic for getting your car accident injuries checked. Not being treated on time can worsen your pain and lead to long-term damage.

Physical therapy in the form of rehabilitative exercises can be taken up right after evaluation of your injuries. This helps prevent long-term damage to your body while at the same time strengthening your muscles and joints.

Problems such as chronic pain or even migraine can be avoided by doing these exercises routinely.

  • Help Avoid Surgery

There's no doubt that serious car accident injuries need immediate surgery performed on them. But a lot of car accident victims who escape life-threatening injuries can easily recover and regain their quality of life by opting for rehabilitative exercises. Having a steady exercise routine helps strengthen weak tendons and ligaments which in turn help protect various structures in your body. Not having to opt for surgery translates to less medical expenses and low downtime.

Seek Immediate Care At An Accident Clinic Near You

The fully customized rehabilitative exercise regimens in our accident clinic in Miamioffer you to heal naturally without bearing the brunt of surgery or having to incur heavy expenses on medical procedures. Our carefully designed therapy regimens help you bounce back on your feet faster with added vigor and strength.

For more information on the benefits of rehabilitative exercises, you can consult our team of chiropractors in Miami by calling 305-389-9040 today. You can also contact us through email at DrDean@MiamiAccidentCenter.com

Dr. Dean M. Zusmer
Dr. Dean M. Zusmer is a Miami Beach Native, Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician. https://www.drdeanmiami.com/