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Your Gateway to the Amazing Nigeria: Abuja

Now there are certain cities that are built to providing a welcoming gateway to that country and the city of Abuja just might be one of them. This beautiful capital city offers you just the perfect destination to begin your exploration of the enchanting country of Nigeria. With just the perfect glimpse of Nigeria's rich and inspiring culture, incredibly hospitable people, an insight into the country's inspiring history and not to mention, a great blend of natural and man-made attractions, this one city, simply put, offers you Nigeria in miniature.

So next time you think of hopping on an expedition to exploring this fantastic African country, think Abuja, because this is where it all begins. Abuja may also be categorized as one of the more modern cities boasting a range of bars, full-of-life nightclubs, theaters and cinemas while at the same time still maintaining the very essence of Nigeria's rich cultural heritage. So it offers you a complete package of a vacation that you are guaranteed to treasure for life.

Abuja might not be one of the "tourist havens" with a lot of dazzling sights to see but it definitely offers you the quintessential of this beautiful country. I have compiled a list of some of Abuja's finest attractions that you should definitely check out if you are planning on visiting this indulgent city.

Gurara Falls

Located just an hour's drive from the city center, Gurara Falls boasts one of the most spectacular sights that the Nigerian land holds. This beautiful curtain of falling water is set majestically in the lush greenery making it all so soothing to the eyes and the soul. The flow of water varies according to the prevalent season making it one of the most stunning sights with great flow of water especially during the rainy season.

Aso Rock and Cave

This is one of Abuja's must-see attractions. Aso Rock is a huge granite formation that lies in the city of Abuja and boasts stunning in-built caves that are open for tourists to see. These caves used to be the secret haven for people during times of war and are now one of the most fascinating sites for anyone to explore. So while planning your Abuja travel itinerary, make sure you include a trip to these caves. This will definitely be worth your time.

Abuja Arts Village

Abuja Arts village is definitely a must visit for anyone seeking to explore Nigeria's culture. This is a beautifully crafted village with village huts that showcase some of their extraordinary works of art. But that is not all that you get to witness here. Abuja Arts Village offers you a spectacular insight into everything that Nigeria is famed for.

You will get to explore the fascinating arts and crafts locally made by the people offering you just one of the best ways to explore the quintessential of this amazing country. Although a bit underrated but this attraction should definitely be on your travel itinerary.

All this and a lot more is what await you in this fascinating city. So next time you think of giving yourself a cultural break and hopping on an expedition to exploring the amazing Africa, the city of Abuja should definitely be on your priority list. Find cheap flights to Abuja at great airfares making it just the ideal destination for you.

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