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Cologne Boxes and Luxury Packaging Boxes

Custom Cologne Packaging

USA is not the only country that pride itself with custom Cologne packaging. Every major brand from around the world has its own versions of customized perfume packaging in different sizes and shapes. These are widely used by the cosmetic companies and other companies that manufacture perfume. As a matter of fact, in Premium Custom Boxes, built with embossed paints and unique shapes to ravish these custom boxes with style.

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Premium Custom Boxes

A decade back, before the Internet became popular, these premium custom boxes were available in limited colors and sizes. Now these packaging companies have expanded their selections to a huge number of designs, colors and textures for men, women, youth and babies. Each brand chooses a box house, which is able to deliver mannered customized boxes which blend perfectly with the product that they intend to sell.

Durability To These Custom Boxes

One major factor that imparts durability to these custom packages is the quality material that is used to build them. This quality material ranges from plastic to cardboard, paper to heavy duty fabric materials that are guaranteed to last for years. The premium custom boxes are also manufactured with strong and heavy vinyl to ensure that it is transported in a safe condition without buckling under pressure.

The premium quality material used to build the custom packaging boxes includes hard plastic and paper boards. As mentioned earlier, plastic and cardboard custom boxes are used extensively by cosmetic companies because they can be re-used and recycled. The board boxes on the other hand, are made from heavy duty cardboard that is guaranteed to withstand adverse environmental conditions. With these custom packaging boxes, the users can preserve the fragrance of the products. As such, the manufacturers provide guarantee for the longevity of the products.

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Cosmetic Companies

Most of the cosmetic companies manufacture their custom packaging boxes in China. There are even manufacturers who have set up their manufacturing facilities in Asia, primarily because the cost of labor in Asia is cheaper than in Europe or America. In Europe and America, the production cost of the product manufactured is considerably higher due to their respective currencies. This factor forces the cosmetic manufacturing companies to set up their manufacturing facilities in Asia to reduce costs.

Quality Product Boxes

To produce high quality product boxes, the manufacturers take utmost care while selecting the raw materials. Amongst the most preferred raw materials are the cardboard and plastic that have high quality properties. These materials are easy to mold and therefore are molded into custom packaging boxes of varying shapes and sizes. For instance, customized boxes shaped like a heart are being widely used by many different cosmetic companies. These heart shaped custom product boxes are known to contain a variety of fragrance emitting substances. The fragrance can either be deodorant, perfume or an aftershave which gives the wearer that fresh and relaxed feel after long hours of hard work.

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Packaging Boxes

Most of the cosmetic companies also import premium custom packaging boxes to give a new shape and a different feel to their products. Although the packaging is attractive and appealing, it may not necessarily appeal to the consumer. This is where the use of premium custom boxes comes into play. Although most of the boxes have similar shapes and sizes, the color and the feel of the box will definitely suit the product that is to be packaged. Some companies prefer to use plain colored premium custom packaging boxes while others prefer to use customized luxury boxes with very fine details.

It is important to remember that the packaging and the product boxes play an important role in increasing the overall sales of a company. The more attractive and elegant a box is, the better it is for the brand name. It has been seen that sometimes a simple box is all that is required to create a stir in the market and attract consumers. With so many different varieties and choices available in the premium category, the consumer is spoilt for choice as he can choose the one that will best suit his product and help him stand out from the rest of the pack.