Diana Shevchenko
Diana Shevchenko
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Hi. My name is Diana Shevchenko. I am 29 years old. I live in the city of Kiev. I am divorced from my husband, even though we lived together for many years. We've got a kid whom I bring up as I have no aid as such. I work as a waitress at a cafe to feed our family. I lived for several years thinking I was living a terrific life, that everything was great and fun before the truth hit me like a bolt out of the blue and I didn't find my husband had been cheating on me personally.

I am confused. I was very sad and the only answer was to locate a fantastic specialist. I found my therapist on the website https://www.qui.help/ with a large selection of highly qualified psychotherapists with two + years of experience, obligatory education and naturally that he was fine for me personally. Has completed or is undergoing training for a psychotherapist at a minimum of one of the following areas: Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral treatment, EMDR, CBT, CBT, etc.My psychotherapist educated me: We don't know how to live our lives, we do not know exactly what to do and when to do it and what not to do it. We don't know ourselves and we don't know others. We know nothing. And that ignorance opens us up to all of the possibilities. Gives us the right to pioneer. We can perform as our instinct whispers. We listen to it as a smart counselor. That is what I was hoping to do rather than consider the past and just move forward. I got a brand new job, I'm working hard so we have something to reside.

Divorce is the last chord of a complex relationship. Before it may precede anything, thus the diversity of life's dramas and their fires, which can not be covered in one column. Psychological advice very, very much depends upon what happened before the divorce, and above all, on how the parties believe from the post-traumatic situation. It happens, of course, that people part gently, realizing the connection comes to a standstill and tired, and the streets awakened: kissing each other on the sidewalk, thanking, shaking hands, wishing all the very best, and parting ways. But that seldom happens and that was not our situation. More frequently divorce turns into a drama, and also for a few of its characters - the test, bordering on life's meltdown.