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Content Marketing Trends

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UGC Vs. Staff content:

B2B marketers are getting better and better at finding ways to source their digital content rather than developing their own content. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users, "a fair portion of them are divided into generating content on a weekly basis". Similarly, obviously not on the same scale as the Facebook platform, companies encourage their users to create valuable content by promoting company-managed blog content, forums, customer surveys, prospective channels, social media channels, and guest contributors creating content for their audience.

If your 2021 plan is to invest in that extra content marketing, maybe now is the time to think about how you can get your users to create your content for you. This approach is one of the most brilliant content ideas of all time.

Think Global, act local

Generally good content does not work for the whole audience. Because we are flooded with different examples of content marketing every day, it is a bit difficult to present a specific type of content to the audience. A content marketing agency needs to realize that in order to capture the attention of its audience, its content must stand out from the crowd.

How do you do that now? Create an effective content marketing strategy և promote specialized content assets. During 2016, we saw that a specialized content marketing campaign meant great content that was localized, segmented, and personalized to reach your potential customer. We still see campaigns, especially on the B2B side, where a fascinating piece of English content is used for the next generation of campaigns in Europe or the Far East, if creating content in local languages would be much more effective.

The companies that have seen much better results with a factor of 10 or more are the ones that have localized their content marketing strategy. Second, audience segmentation is a content strategy that successful marketers use to promote their brand, starting with drop-down email.

Finally, personalization. This takes the specialization to a higher level in the content marketing plan, where the content is not only in the language in which the audience is most comfortable, but the messages are specific to their buyer as well as the content. The blog or visual content is personalized for them, specifically based on "intentional data".

Videos and podcasts as favorite homepage

Video was one of the biggest winners of the content marketing program, and now podcasts seem to be making a strong comeback. With the increase in download speeds ության the prevalence of mobile devices, visual content seems to be emerging as one of the most promising media dimensions - extremely effective և popular.

Adding to the appeal of the video is the ease of downloading podcasts դիտ watching at a convenient time for the user և we assume we have և one winner in the making. In 2016, marketers discovered that "videos" and "podcasts" are now powerful metrics to engage different segments of their audience to launch a successful content marketing campaign.

Connect with a content marketing specialist at Deck 7 to learn more about the options available to your business to create multiple touch-points with your customers over a variety of digital media formats.

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