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Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless set-up

Canon Pixma TR4522 is a small printer with which users can print, scan or scan their documents and. Ij.start.canon It's an ideal printer for small and large businesses. The Canon Pixma TR4522 printer offers basic, high-quality office printing with a small size.

Canon Pixma TR4522 is an all-in-one printing device that permits people to print, copy,, and send their documents to fax. Therefore, after the purchaser purchases this Canon printer, it is required to go through the setup process. So, the users should check out the Canon Pixma T4522 wireless setup procedure.

There are automated document feeders as well as an integrated fax feature. The automatic feeder allows users to copy or scan multiple pages in one operation. Additionally, users can connect the canon pixma TR4522 with a network router, or USB cable. Additionally, users can connect to the internet through the downloaded applications that are stored in the printer, allowing users to print out the information or other information from news or entertainment websites.

Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup Procedure

When purchasing the Canon Pixma The purchasers are advised to complete the pixma's TR4522 wireless setup process. When a user executes the setup procedure it is possible to perform any printer-related task like printing, scanning, faxing simply and straightforwardly. So, follow the setup procedure provided in the following.

Turn "ON" Printer

  • Users are advised to turn "ON" the printer.
  • Make sure to turn "ON" the canon printer by connecting one end of the power cable to the power socket, and one end into the backside of the printer.
  • After this, the users are advised to switch "ON" the operational panel of the printer.
  • Click on"Power" and then click on the "Power" button.
  • It is now recommended to users to choose the language used by the printer.
  • Be aware of these keys for navigation to choose the language.

Install the Canon printer cartridge

Users are advised to be patient and wait for the carriage to become stable. Once the carriage has become stable you can follow the instructions further to insert the Canon printer cartridge.

  • Remove the tape from the printer cartridge of Canon.
  • Be careful not to play with the contacts on the cartridges of your printer.
  • After this, the users are suggested to insert the black printer cartridge into the left slot and insert the color printer cartridge in that slot to the left.
  • Note: Users are advised to insert the Canon printer cartridge with an upward angle within the slot.
  • Note: After placing the canon printer cartridge, the users are suggested to secure it.

Then , close the output cover of the Canon printer.

The paper tray should be loaded.

  • Users are encouraged to take out the tray with paper and end the process when they feel a clicking.
  • Then move the purple paper guide before moving it towards the right.
  • After this, the users are advised to store their paper within the paper tray.
  • Take note that you don't over-exceed the paper limit.
  • Carefully adjust the guide using the help of the paper edges to clear it.
  • Note: Ensure that there should not be any bent paper as it could result in paper jams.
  • After placing the paper, the user is advised to move the tray into the printer slowly.
  • Now the users are suggested to adjust the settings for paper according to their requirements on the printer's display.

This article was about the wireless Canon Pixma TR4522 installation procedure. If a user fails to access the official site, i.e., ij.start.canon then contact the canon customer service team to get real-time assistance.