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How to Frame Diamond Art

A diamond painting requires an acid-free foam core backing to secure it. The acrylic cover will protect the work and prevent it from shifting. Once the glue has been set, the painting should be slid into the frame while it is still wet. Glue the backside of the diamond painting as well, so that it sticks out a few inches. Use a brayer to push the art into the glue.

Museum-quality glass

When framing your diamond painting, make sure that it is of museum-quality glass. While this may be expensive, it will keep your diamond art in great shape. The museum-quality glass will also prevent dust from settling into the glass, which could cause the diamonds to fall out. In addition, it will give your painting a professional look. For an authentic-looking frame, you can use glass from a museum or a frame seller. You can also hire an interior decoration service to help you frame your diamond paintings.

select a frame

After you've chosen your diamond painting, it's time to select a frame. It's easy to go wrong when you don't have enough money for the right frame. A shadow box frame will give your diamond painting a lot of sparkle, but it may not be the right choice for you. A deep black shadow box frame may not give you the best look. If your diamond canvas is large enough, a shallower frame will do.

A diamond painting is not difficult to frame. You can simply attach it to a larger piece of canvas. Before you apply glue, make sure that it is centered. If you've painted it yourself, it can be easier to get a professional to do it. A large craft store can also provide framing services for your diamond painting. You can order a custom-made frame for your artwork.

Velcro strips

For a canvas painting, you can also use Velcro strips to hold it in place. You can choose to frame it yourself or ask a professional. For diamond paintings, a picture frame is an excellent option. It makes the work look more professional and polished. A custom-made canvas painting is more expensive than a simple canvas print.

Mount it on foam or cardboard

If you have a diamond painting, you'll want to mount it on a piece of foam or cardboard. Then, mount the diamond painting onto this foam or cardboard with Velcro strips. If you don't have a foam or cardboard backing, you can use a small X-ACTO blade. If you're not sure how to mount the diamonds, use a small nailgun.

Stretched canvas

A stretched canvas is a more expensive option but can create a stunning display. While a canvas may be expensive, it will be worth the investment. The diamond painting can be framed without protective glass. If you're not sure what method works best for your diamond art, consider buying a poster frame and following the instructions carefully. It's not hard to do and it will look great. If you're planning to frame your painting, you can simply wrap the diamond with a strip of foam board.

Measure the canvas properly

When framing a diamond painting, it's important to measure the canvas properly. You'll need to cut it on the edges, or else the frame will overlap your diamond artwork. Then, you'll need to trim any extra parts around the canvas. Once you've trimmed the canvas to the exact size, you can now frame it. When you've finished, simply hang the finished piece of art.

Framed in a traditional way

A diamond painting can be framed in a traditional way, with a simple wood frame or with an oak tag border. You can also use a canvas that is already framed. If you're framing a larger diamond painting, you'll need to add a frame. If you're framing mainly a diamond painting, it's best to use an oak tag or a piece of colored washi tape to create a border.