Car Warranty Reviews
Car Warranty Reviews
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Algorithm Based Review for Best Extended Auto Warranty Companies

If you’re looking for honest advice on car warranties, check out for an inside look into car warranty companies you may be considering. will ensure an honest look into the companies you are considering. The homework is worth doing especially when it comes to your cars warranty. We aim to help consumers find a reputable company, and make the smart decision pertaining to Carshield Reviews, Auto Warranty, Endurance, Extended Auto Warranty Companies.

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We moderate and verify our reviews to make sure they are real and authentic. Companies cannot buy their reviews.

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Our algorithm weighs customer reviews along with industry data to offer an honest and transparent rankings. Rest assured companies cannot directly modify or purchase their ranks.

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We want to help you find the best warranty coverage for your vehicle, by providing the information, tools, and data you need to create your own assessment.

Customers trust our reviews on Carshield Reviews, Auto Warranty, Endurance, and Extended Auto Warranty Companies

We have an entire section dedicated to helping you identify the top extended auto warranty companies in the industry. The companies are evaluated on the basis of customer feedback. Higher the rating, better the company's performance. We suggest that you go through our top companies section to get a peek at a few industry leaders.

We primarily feature industry leading warrant companies as well as award winning companies. We make sure that any plan offered on through our partners will be accepted at every dealership or certified mechanic nationwide. was created back in 2017 with the purpose to provide objective and candid reviews of Auto Warranty companies all over the US. We now have thousands of unique customer reviews and 10+ companies listed on our site. As time went by we gained deeper insights into the problems faced by car owners, and introduced new features, and innovative tools to select which company best suits your budget, and auto repair needs.

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