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Deal with Your Car’s Breakdowns on the Road. Explained!

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As useful as a car can be in terms of comfort, it can be painful when it breaks down. Though automobile engineering takes care of a lot of things, failures still happen.

Being a complex piece of engineering, a car may have a lot of problems, including electrical, engine, transmission, and of course tyres, etc. Many of them lead to a sudden breakdown.

However, a car breakdown can put you under a lot of stress, and you can't even guess about a specific problem if it happens all at once.

There might be a lot of things that go through your mind. However, it is necessary to focus on certain things while avoiding unnecessary thoughts. Our goal here is to discuss some of the most common causes of a car breakdown so that you can be prepared and take appropriate steps ahead of time.

A dead battery may cause a lot of problems along the way

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As most car functions rely on a battery, there is no point in dealing with a flat battery. Simply put, a battery that has started to remain flat might betray you while letting you remain stranded. Usually, a fresh battery might go flat due to overuse if you leave the car lights on overnight or because it does not get enough charge due to the short running time of the car. It could be an electrical problem, especially with the alternator.

Besides, an old battery may show some signs of weakness and can be problematic while driving. If you are experiencing any problem with the battery or it has served you for more than three years, just think about a visit to Service My Car for an inspection or even a car battery replacement. In case you own a mercedes car and wondering, how to find the nearest mercedes service centre to replace the car battery? Open google, type mercedes service near me and you will find Service My Car on the top to get the best mercedes car battery replacement in the town.

Lack of fuel may halt the engine’s processing

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There is no point in running a vehicle without fuel. It can happen when you are in a hurry or simply pay no attention to stopping at a gas station while driving down the highway. But if your tank goes empty, it could result in a failed combustion process.

What should you do in such a situation? It's better to use your smartphone to search out a fuel station. It would be wise to take your vehicle to a fuel station within the time limit.

Car overheating might be problematic under the hood

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Usually, overheating occurs when there is a lack of cooling agents, such as coolant or water. Coolant may leak, which can be dangerous when combined with hot weather or overdriving.

However, you can manage such a situation by observing the temperature gauge on the dashboard. And if it exceeds the normal range, you should stop your car. Furthermore, it is preferable to have an expert inspect the coolant so that it does not drop below the expected level.

A flat tyre can put you in trouble in the middle of nowhere

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Modern tyres do not bother you unless they are old enough to leak. However, a flat tyre may show signs of problems with steering or loss of control over the vehicle.

However, it is worth keeping a spare tyre with you, especially when you are planning a long trip. Besides, Service My Car offers roadside assistance to deal with such situations.

Worn spark plugs may put you in trouble on the road

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Spark plugs have an important role to play in the combustion process inside the engine. When they fail to function properly or even refuse to provide spark, the engine becomes problematic, and your vehicle eventually fails.

Though most manufacturers recommend spark plugs replacement at every major service, you can come to Service My Car for a major service performed by a competent professional to avoid spark problems on the road.

What should you do if your car breaks down unexpectedly?

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Try to stay on the safe side

Because breakdowns occur suddenly, there is little time for a safe passage. Though the movement might still be helpful and can move your vehicle a bit.

Besides, if a vehicle has stalled, you should pull off the road. However, it is necessary to be cautious about the surroundings to avoid any collisions. Moreover, just avoid other passengers and get out of the car. Do not forget to use an emergency light.

Ask for help

Once you're done parking a car alongside the road, you should ask for emergency roadside assistance. Service My car helps you deal with such an urgent situation quite comfortably.

Be careful while waiting for help to avoid any further danger. In such a situation, it is necessary to be extra cautious for your safety, especially if you find yourself on a highway. Always try to stay in your car with the door closed. If someone tries to talk to you, use the window to converse with them. Advise the fellow passengers to remain in the car too.

However, it is necessary to use tools to maintain caution for yourself and others. In the event that your car is parked off the road, use flares or reflectors on the road behind the vehicle.

You can reach Service My Car via phone or online on our website or application. Besides, booking a car service or ordering a car repair quote online is also helpful.