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How To Brighten Up Your Home With Dark Blue Wallpaper

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Start with a small area if you want to add wallpaper to the interior but don't want to cover the entire space. Alternately, you may start in a less-used space like a guest bedroom or powder room. Larger rooms, on the other hand, may benefit from an accent wall to decorate one section while painting the others. Bold wallpaper designs look fantastic in mudrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and entryways. Installing dark blue wallpaper may be a hassle, without a doubt. However, it would help if you took time and thoroughly studied the best ways to install it or spent money hiring experts to accomplish the work for you.

Here are some incredible methods for installing wallpaper in your home and giving the interior a fun and creative makeover if you run out of ideas.

Cover The Walls

Wallpapering the walls of a room is the most practical method to use it. But getting rid of the memory of outdated behaviors from the 1970s and 1980s is essential to make it work. Modern, minimalist patterns, colors, and styles are all the rage in wallpaper. Graphic and bold paper covering the entire walls might look excellent in some spaces. However, a subtle appeal can only be produced in other spaces with a simple texture or pattern. Choose which design complements your space before selecting the ideal wallpaper.

Cover Half The Walls

Wallpaper may only cover the bottom or top of a wall if you don't want to cover the complete wall in the room. With wallpaper applied this way, the area will appear much more open and airier. In most cases, architectural molding or paneling can be used to divide the papered and unpapered parts. A common strategy is wallpapering the top half of your wall and installing paneling on the lower half. It is a very understated but appealing aesthetic that is always in style.

Two Wallpapers On One Wall

Installing two wallpapers on one wall may give a room a different, more fascinating, and daring look. You may quickly add a creative touch to your living environment by combining several wallpaper designs. Although it is a complex style to pull off, it may seem aesthetically pleasing if you do it well. Consider adding patterns in bold colors, such as toile and stripes, damask, and chevron, if you require something particularly robust.

Create A Feature Wall

Another beautiful approach to creating a lovely focal point is to add a feature wall to your bedroom or living area. It aids in capturing the viewer's attention while forming a gorgeous feature. You might choose to be overt or understated when utilizing wallpaper in this manner. But be careful not to place another focus point in the same space. The viewer's eye becomes disoriented and chaotic when there are several focus points in space. It is thus ideal for hanging wallpaper on the wall directly behind the bed, the TV, or any other spot where the eye may be pulled in naturally.


Dark blue wallpaper around a fireplace will draw attention to it. Making your fireplace the center of attention in a room may be achieved by covering the fireplace surrounded by wallpaper. In this manner, you can quickly draw the viewer's attention to this central point while also giving the space an exquisite feel.

burke decor
Burkedecor.com is an online boutique featuring home decor, furnishings, gifts and home accents by designers from around the world.