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Ways To Use Wallpaper Design Creatively In Any Room

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However, wallpaper is not returning in traditional ways to home design. Wallpaper is being revived and combined with bookcases, drawers, and doors. Since wallpaper design adds bold drama and movement to anyone's living area, it may create a distinctive home experience. Wallpaper offers an opportunity to experiment with the decor in a space and create a strong statement. Be sure to consider the room's current features while designing your project. Patterns must coordinate for new and existing colors to go together. Take it slowly and start wallpapering with your favorite neutral patterns and colors.

The information in the following article will assist you in identifying the spots in your house where the wallpaper will have a distinctive effect, such as inside of drawers, the front of a cabinet, or maybe the ceiling.

Decorate The Ceiling

Although the setting is dramatic, the correct pattern will make the room come to life. Consider the wall finish carefully before wallpapering your ceiling, as it will influence your chosen design. Please consider the wall's current look and see whether it has a popcorn-like or rough texture. It is crucial to be aware of this uneven texture. It will be less likely to display flaws if the area where the wallpaper is applied is smooth and durable.

Fill The Space Behind A Bookcase

A more manageable wallpaper installation for a house design is to cover little areas. This simple technique is ideal for cabinets and curios with glass doors and built-in bookshelves. Apply this technique to cover the background of the bookshelf with damasks, geometric prints, or plain, basic floral patterns. This additional dimension will allow the room to reflect your individuality.

Place It Into A Dresser

Innovative wallpaper arrangement adds visual texture for a powerful effect to the room. For a more elegant look, you may adhere the wallpaper to the front of each dresser drawer, to the sides, all around the piece, or completely cover it. To guarantee a good fit, dry-fit the furniture components before applying. Consider using wallpaper to give your beloved dresser a contemporary touch, whether you're updating a childhood memento, covering new furniture, or upcycling a vintage treasure.

Create A Feature Wall With Fun Prints

It might be overpowering and outdated to wallpaper a room with busy designs. You don't need to stay away from crazy ideas, though. To create a more aesthetically pleasing environment, use a creative application method in the space. Consider using the print of your choosing on one accent wall to avoid an outdated vibe, or use wallpaper in a confined alcove.

For A Gallery Wall, Frame It

Think gallery wall meets wallpaper when picturing this wallpaper idea as a contemporary spin on traditional wall design. Additionally, you don't need to put any glue on your walls, making this method appealing to individuals looking for transitional choices. Your favorite design will infuse your barren walls with fresh visual intrigue.


The wallpaper design is currently famous for walls, doors, drawers, and paintings. Dress up your house with these cutting-edge decorating ideas, and let your imagination go wild.

burke decor
Burkedecor.com is an online boutique featuring home decor, furnishings, gifts and home accents by designers from around the world.