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Bridal Gown Budget: Tips on How to Afford Your Dream Dress

A wedding gown is a true reflection of a bride’s identity. Hence, no one can ignore its significance. If we talk about the wedding, it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and therefore, every bride should choose her Bridal Gown carefully.

Finding a perfect dress can be fun and super exciting, and if you’re anything like me you have expensive taste, and let’s face it most beautiful things don’t come cheap. Most of us struggle setting a budget, especially for things like a bridal gown. First, you need to determine how much money you will spend on your entire wedding.

Let’s start by setting your Overall Wedding Budget

Here, is a rough guide to get you started:

  1. 50% for catering, venue, and rental costs
  2. 12% for videography and photography
  3. 10% for a wedding gown, makeup, hair, and other accessories
  4. 8% for decorations
  5. 7% for entertainment
  6. 4% for wedding planner
  7. 3% for wedding bands
  8. 3% for wedding stationery and invites
  9. 2% for other costs
  10. 1% for goodies for guests

Now you have decided the amount you are going to spend on your wedding gown, let’s look at ways you can find an affordable dress. Firstly, we recommend you:

Conduct Research

Consider things like how much does a bridal gown cost on average? Are designer wedding dresses within your budget?

Some useful information is to understand what affects the cost of a wedding gown, there are several things such as the fabric and the detail, but it is also important to consider things like accessories. How much do you need to spend to create your complete outfit. A dress with more detail might cost more, but a dress with less detail will likely require jewellery or accessories.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Sample Sales

It is common for bridal boutiques to hold promotional events and sales through-out the year, sometimes these sales promote a new designer or end of year sale. During these sales, it is a great opportunity to find out an amazing bridal gown at a great price. Subscribing to the mailing list of your favourite boutiques is a great way to stay informed about their upcoming sales.

Go for Simple Design

You can save your large amount of money if you opt for a classic style.

Talk to your bridal consultant her experience and knowledge is valuable. Tell her about your budget, the style you’re thinking about and of course tell her about the dress you dream of. She may just be able to make that dream a reality! Photos are another wonderful way to share your vision, to give her an even better idea of what you are looking for.

I really hope you have found these tips helpful in your search to find your perfect bridal gown. Congratulations, I hope your wedding is everything you dream of!